Session 1
Zen … The Indescribable Value of “Only Don’t Know”

Dancing with the Spiritual Masters


Rick Moss

Tue April 2


8 - 9:15 PM EST




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Explore the Buddha Mind

Zen is so much more than what our intellect can understand and process. To dance with Zen, to explore the Buddha mind requires a blend of knowledge and experience and a willingness to go beyond figuring things out.

In this session we explore the nature of Zen and do three processes that will offer experiential tastes of that part of our Mind in which choice-less awareness, stillness and bliss reside.

Session Overview

This teleconference is planned to be an hour and 15 minutes, with the last 15 minutes set aside for discussion. It is anticipated that there will be 5 new sessions available in the Dancing with the Spiritual Masters Series.

All of these sessions can be taken individually and the Inner work, the clearings, tailored to your specific needs.

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We will look at the teaching of two widely accepted and cherished Zen teachers: Seung Sahn, the youngest certified Korean Zen master and Adyashanti, American, enlightened in the Zen tradition, a world teacher based in California.

It is held by the great mystics and the traditions of enlightenment that our essential nature is perfect, eternal, and at one with an all-loving Creator.

Rick Moss developed a form of what he calls Clearing to help remove the blocks that obscure our Divine Nature. We clear away the clouds that hide a sun that is always present.

Rediscover Your True Nature

These blocks or distortions are fragments of the ego, our limited self identity, like emotional video tapes of our past that keep playing on repeat. These become a filter through which we experience life, how we relate to others and to ourselves.When we release these limited, negative, judgmental beliefs – both consciously and subconsciously – our life experience instantly improves... and more and more, we experience of our true Self.

"Dr. Rick Moss is a gifted teacher. He has been teaching and guiding me on a spiritual journey for many years. I have participated in his “Dancing with the Spiritual Masters” series and found it to be amazingly helpful. You can join in the journey of some of the greatest spiritual souls in history. From a young girl in a cave to a man trying to eliminate unhappiness and despair, Rick brings them to life.

Throughout the series, Rick transitions from storytelling to exercises where we can work on experiencing the inner peace and connection taught by the Masters. Rick is a wonderful guide to help us all on our journey, but after participating in “Dancing with the Spiritual Masters” it feels like we are guided by many more. I hope that everyone finds this experience as interesting and uplifting as did I."

— Stacey Ohm

Rick Moss has spent over 30 years developing a process he calls Whole Mind Healing. He has a remarkable intuitive ability that allows him to be consciously directed and guided through throughout his work.

The power of this Guidance has lead to one teacher to describe him as a “truly miraculous healer" (Dr. Candace Pert) and led Dr. Louise Hay to remark, “You have a wonderful gift to share with the world”.

Rick has a Ph.D. in education and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Light of Consciousness.

About Rick

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