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By 2020, the Society had reached over 2000 women globally through ongoing programming, professional development and thought leadership.

The WOCIP Foundation (501 c3) was subsequently established in 2019 to realize broader community outreach and create generational change.

Who We Are

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Women of Color In Pharma (WOCIP), a 501 (c) 6 entity, was established in 2015 to accelerate the personal and professional growth of Black and Latina women in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Vision

To empower women of color to create generational change utilizing the pharmaceutical industry as a platform, while serving their communities through programs and partnerships that seek to address professional development needs, educational, health and wellness and economic inequities.

Our Mission

To address disparities for women of color, that when addressed have the potential to positively transform individuals, corporations, and communities for generations. The philanthropic efforts of the Foundation will focus on the following pillars:

Global Capacity Building and Bridging, Advocacy to drive Economic Equity and Partnerships to increase economic and educational equities and address health disparities for the communities of color.

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Donate Now

WOCIP Foundation aims to serve regional and global communities through programs and partnerships that address educational, economic and health disparities. Your support will enable the WOCIP Foundation to be a catalyst for global change.

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