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Interested in selling an investment property?

Property Tribes has teamed up with Vesta to simplify the process.

"It’s always been a smart choice to sell an investment property with tenants in situ, but now, due to COVID-19 Government measures, it makes even more sense as tenants have to be given 3 months notice. Furthermore, once the courts finally open up, there will be a huge backlog of cases.

Property experts are saying it could take up to 9 months to get a tenant evicted from a property so that a landlord can sell it with “vacant possession”. Even then, once the property is vacant, it could take months to sell."

Vanessa Warwick,
Co-Founder - Property Tribes

Vesta is the marketplace for selling residential investment property with tenants in place.

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Who we are

Vesta is the marketplace for buying and selling residential investment property.

With over 500 on and off-market properties listed on www.vestaproperty.com, and a significant buyer investor audience, we specialise in selling income or potentially income generating Buy-to-lets, HMOs, blocks and portfolios.

A lot of our properties are sold with the tenants in place, so existing and new landlords maximise rental income during the sale and purchase.

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“We’ve sold over £40 million worth of property since our launch in 2018..“

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Benefits of selling via Vesta:

Using the Vesta platform, you can put your property on the market NOW

Earn rental income up to the day of completion. No voids, no council tax payments, no worries

Avoid the hassle of evicting a tenant during these stressful times

If tenants know they can stay, they are more likely to be co-operative with facilitating viewings and keeping the property in good order for them

If you think a property price correction is on the way as COVID-19 and the withdrawal of furlough start to have their full impact, then it makes even more sense to get a property sold sooner, rather than later

The collaboration with Property Tribes will expose your listing to a wider audience of investors and help you achieve the best possible price

How is Vesta different?

A simpler way to sell. A smarter way to buy.

We use a number of external data sources to help inform our recommendation and we pride ourselves in being open and honest.

A lot of our property is sold with the tenants in place, so you know you are not disrupting your tenants in situ.

Intelligent pricing

Sell tenanted

With over 500 properties on our website and a pipeline of over 4,000+ we specialise in HMOs, Buy-to-lets, blocks and portfolios

Huge choice of property


Vesta testimonials

Discover how other property investors found the Vesta experience

Vanessa Warwick

To me, selling a property with the tenant in situ is a no-brainer. The landlord will receive rent up to the day of completion, the tenant can remain in their home, and the buyer will benefit from income from day one of ownership.

Vesta provided me with a clear, concise, commercially driven insight into my first investment property purchase. Their customer service team were always around to help with me with any questions and helped me with finding a property, a mortgage brokerage and conveyancer. All in all a great service.

Alice E

I spoke to a very knowledgeable person at Vesta who was able to offer some great insight into the market. I was given a number of options to consider including HMOs. A lot of food for thought, however I will certainly be turning to Vesta to help support me with my property investments.

Lux M