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Within 5 concise videos we’re going to reveal the digital tools we genuinely recommend to support your communications. The tools are free, achieve fantastic results but most importantly, they’re designed for non-designers.

As well as revealing our choice of free digital tools, we’re also going to get you clued up with current industry insights along the way.



'How to communicate for nowt'


Whois it for: Trustees, Pensions Managers, or anybody working in member communications in-house

What level is it: Beginner. For those looking to begin their journey

Length of course: There are five videos each lasting around ten minutes

Course objective: To get an overview of the free tools available

How much will it cost: The course is free

Length of course: There are five videos each lasting up to ten minutes


What we'll cover

1. *The lay of the digital landscape*

Getting started by taking a look at the digital communications environment

2. *Introducing the giants of social media*

A look at the major platforms and how to get the most out of them

3. *The content creation toolkit*

You don't need to be a whizz in Adobe to create beautiful things

4. *Listen up*

Listen first, serve second. Using tools to help you understand your members

5. *New message alert*

Activate your communications using email

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