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Bob Zany

In a career that has spanned more than 30 years and has involved the likes of David Spade, Matt Damon, and countless other comedians and personalities, one might wonder why Bob Zany isn’t the comedian that “Everybody Loves” or isn’t sitting on a throne as the “King of Queens.”

The lack of attention doesn’t faze him. “I worked with Rodney Dangerfield for two years … and he hit very late in life,” says the California native. “Everyone has their own path.

”Zany got his professional start at the age of 15 when he appeared on The Gong Show. “I had never performed before … I had practiced my act in front of the bathroom mirror,” he remembers of his comedy introduction, in which he was actually booed and pulled off the stage in a net by a man dressed as a nun.

Zany continued to do shows and talent competitions through high school, and later went on to land his first regular gig at The Comedy Store in 1979, where he became a Monday night regular. Following another career path not aligned with show business, never really stuck with Zany, who attended college to be a broadcaster and whose father was a house painter. “He taught me a trade, but it wasn’t a trade that I really wanted to pursue,” he said. “I remember the first time I ever performed, and I was in clean clothes, and I went ‘Oh, I’m done with work and I’m not covered in paint? This is kind of nice.’

A modern day jack-of-all-trades, Zany’s career has also spilled over to radio and movies, where he presents the weekly segment The Zany Report on nationally syndicated radio program The Bob & Tom Show, syndicated in over 150 markets. Zany has also taken the time to do some retrospective work on his career, in the 2010 documentary Close, But No Cigar.

When it comes to his live set, Zany prefers to let the audience steer the boat. “I always say I have a beginning and an end, and in the middle I let the audience take me wherever they take me,” he said.“Some people have compared my style to Don Rickles, but Don Rickles kind of already knows what he’s going to say to somebody in the audience. I let them talk and then I try to build off that and see if I can make it funny.”

Last Minute Change!

Due to illness Drew Hastings has had to cancel his shows at the Cackle Shack. Fortunately another Bob & Tom favorite is filling in for him, Bob Zany. For those who bought tickets and will still come to see Bob, you can show up as planned to see this great show. For those of you choosing a refund, contact Chris at Be mindful it may take a a week or two to receive the refund.

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November 16th @ 8PM


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November 17th @ 9PM


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