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Mike Armstrong

Long Arm of the Law Returns to Tickle BloomingtonMike Armstrong was the type of cop most people wouldn’t mind seeing in their rearview mirror. He liked to stop drivers to warn them of the speed traps ahead, just to see their reaction. “I really wasn’t into writing tickets or anything like that,” he said. “I think that when I quit the police department three other cops lost their jobs. They simply didn't need that many internal affairs officers anymore!”

“I have never laughed so hard at any comedian as I had tonight. This guy was a total riot and told some good cop stories. The crowd was always laughing.”

— Real Police.net

The former lawman has found a more fitting career in comedy. Armstrong was the first headlining comedian at Mason City Limits, which will celebrate their eleventh anniversary later this month. Armstrong like the crowds in Central Illinois, “they’re in a good mood as soon as they walk in the door, so that’s great. I enjoy it.”

Armstrong is a regular guest comedian on The Bob & Tom Show, where he is known to listeners as the ex-cop. Bob and Tom helped Armstrong put out his first comedy CD in 2006, “Comedy Police.”

The funny man was a police officer in Kentucky for 12 years, but he stopped a decade ago to pursue comedy full time. He has appeared on Comedy Central, TNN and NBC and was featured on The Friends of Bob and Tom tour. He described himself as a one-liner comedian who likes to deliver joke after joke.

"Mike was fabulous — so funny, clean and just a fun guy all around — his laugh is so contagious, he doesn’t even have to tell jokes — if he just stood up there and laughed the whole audience would laugh with him and not even notice he wasn’t telling jokes. Love that guy — and this jokes ARE hilarious!" — Debbie Richardson, JR's Last Laugh Comedy Club — Erie, P

“Weird stuff just pops into my head, and I’m not afraid to say it,” Armstrong said. “That’s another reason why I’m popular. I’m always writing, and I’m always making stuff up.”

Mike Armstrong headlines The Cackle Shack Comedy Club on Saturday, May 4th 9pm. The Cackle Shack is located at 1801 Eastland Drive in Bloomington.

Learn more about Mike on his website.

Join us for the pre-party at 7pm!

Includes Keg Grove beer, chips and salsa from Moe’s and a DJ.
Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 9pm.

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May 4th @ 9PM


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