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Taste Experience is a great way to drive more customers to your outlet

Taste Experiences make it possible to receive special offers on beer and food, enticing your guests to come to your outlet and try new and exciting products.

We send you more customers to put more money in your till.

Customers can view the available offers nearby using the Pint Please app and claim their Taste Experiences using the app when they are in your outlet.

How it works?

Taste Experiences can be anything you want them to be. It could be a new beer that you are launching on behalf of a local brewery. Or it could be a beer pairing with some of your new dishes. If you can think of the offer, we can link it to beer and drive people to come to your venue. Our role is to send you more customers on days when you want them.

Customer can claim each Taste Experience once in 30 day period. Taste Experiences renew by default, but you can decide how often this happens.

Taste Experience is FREE for outlets. Users will pay a £3.99/month for using Taste Experiences but currently service is free for users too.

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Each pub decides what kind of Taste Experiences they would like to offer.

How it works?

1. Check the Taste Experience outlets nearby

2. View available Taste Experiences in the outlet

3. Redeem an offer

User asks the pin from the bartender and enters it in the app.

4. Wait for your drink or food!

Join Taste Experience


  • Taste Experience for your outlet is 100% FREE!

  • No integration to POS or any other device needed. We make this easy for everyone.

  • All you need to do is to select three offers for your customers to drive more footfall. We do the rest.

  • When your profile is live with your promotions, we will promote your venue on Pint Please and to our social media.

  • We will also send you marketing material to have available in your venue.

  • You will also get rights to update your venue profile and beer list FREE of charge!

  • Every month you will get data on how much users have used Taste Experience in your venue and also other exciting data of beer trends from Pint Please.

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Beer lovers all over UK use Pint Please beer app to keep track of the beers they have tasted and to find new pubs. In Pint Please, users rate their beers and collect Stickers and virtual rewards, by drinking beer.

Pint Please also gives recommendations on new beers to taste and venues to go to.

Taste Experiences are listed in Pint Please. Each venue offering Taste Experiences gets special visibility in Pint Please app.

Taste Experiences are offered by Pint Please


Contact Juha Karppinen for any questions on the services we offer. We're happy to help!

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