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At Energy Savings California we will not have an inexperienced sales person try to confuse you and sell you the most expensive system. Our owner, Virgil, will personally perform your 11 point inspection and walk you through all the details of what will or will not help you save money on your utility bills.

This is what one of our customer said recently:

"one of the first things that impressed me about Virgil was on the initial walk through we'd have had several people come out and he was the only one who really caught everything that needed to be done ... I think Virgil really caught, hey this is something you're going to need to watch out for on a long-term maintenance and reliability concern and so there are a lot of things he caught that nobody else addressed."

Mr. Shearer - Folsom CA

I Want a Free Energy Audit

What is in our Energy Audit?

Our 11 Point Energy Audit Valued Includes:

  1. Inspection of attic insulation
  2. Inspection of under the floor insulation if applicable
  3. Inspection of energy efficiency of windows and window seals
  4. Visual inspection of all doors and entry points for possible energy leaks
  5. Your existing heating system is evaluated for efficiency
  6. Any air conditioning system is evaluated for leaks and efficiency
  7. All ducting systems are evaluated for leaking , constrictions and insulation
  8. The hot water heater is inspected and evaluated for age and condition
  9. A check is made for the existence of a vapor barrier to manage energy loss
  10. The whole house is evaluated and energy needs are considered by looking at the following: size of the home, age of the home, number of stories, what type of roofing material, what type of foundation, number of living areas and more
  11. Any existing solar system or other energy saving features are reviewed

Solar FAQ

How Much Does Solar Cost?

It’s entirely dependent on your usage and whether you want to partially or fully offset your utility bill. Of course, this isn’t always the answer people want to hear and we understand that. That’s why we offer FREE energy assessments – yes, completely free, no gimmicks, no obligation.

Are There Government Rebates?

Absolutely! And we know which ones will apply to your particular area and system and we will help guide you through the process. The Federal Government just approved extending the 30% tax credit so they will give you DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR tax credit on your solar installation!

How Long is the

System Good for?

Our investment grade solar systems are guaranteed to produce 85% of its output in 25 years. Only 15% loss in 25 years.

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* Energy Savings California does not guarantee the availability of any financing or rebates from 3rd parties. The $1,500 utility bill rebates includes a return of your electric utility payment only while your solar system is being installed. Referral will be paid after the party that was referred purchases and finishes installation of a system from Energy Savings California

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