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The current situation related to the spread of coronavirus is the time of trial and mobilisation, but also a great opportunity for development for e-business.

Why? It is estimated that the share of e-commerce in general trade will double over the next 12 months. Regardless of whether you are now struggling with a decrease in turnover or enjoy an increased traffic, it is a good time to take matters into your own hands and look for solutions that will turn customers towards your shop and improve its functioning. Be like Jack Ma (or Chuck Norris) :)

The promotional offer is available until: 30.06.2020

  • Large companies such as already announced an increase in employment by 100,000 people;
  • In 2002-2003, the quarantine of Chinese people during the SARS pandemic was used by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, who worked in a six-member team and remotely created the largest e-commerce in the world.

Do you know, that...

Giving a helping hand in this challenging time, we are equipping you with
the best what we have – our technology based on artificial intelligence:

Smart Search free of charge for the next 3 months

The main purpose of online sales is to connect the customer with the products offered. Customers want to easily and quickly find the products they are interested in, and the role of the online shop is to help the customer find them.

According to the statistics, 65% of customers leave the online shop because they are unable to quickly find the product. In addition, as much as 40% of users immediately go to the search box, and this generates up to 30% of all revenues.

Why is it worth to bet on a search engine?

The internal search engine is the simplest and most obvious tool in the shop, but in most cases it does not recognise the needs

of customers and instead of helping them with shopping, encourages to give up on it.

Are you sure that you search engine works well? Check this out:

Do you receive search results when phrases include typos or spelling mistakes, e.g. suicase instead

of suitcase?

1. Check typos

Do you receive the same search results when typing the synonym of a given product, e.g. pendant = necklace?

2. Check synonyms

How fast do you receive search results after entering the phrase?

It shouldn’t last longer than 0.5 second.

4. Check the time

Do you get relevant search products when you provide complex phrase like a "red sport shoes"? We will divide such phrases into prime factors, distinguishing e.g. the product, its colour and type.

3. Check complex queries

If the search engine in your shop does not show results or you want to optimise them better, our tool will help you solve

this problem.

Available functionalities:

Search suggestions as you type

After the first letters of the word appear, the search engine will display the most likely result, e.g. "Sui" will be completed with "Suitcase". Autocomplete can increase the conversion from search up to three times.

Search results in a few seconds

Time is money, especially in e-commerce. If you provide your clients with quick search results, they don't have time to consider whether your competitors are quicker. After clicking "View more results" you will see all results in a pop-up.

Typos, synonyms? No problem!

Our search engine reads in the clients' minds and recognises the wrong spelling in queries. It also supports synonyms.

We understand complex queries

We will divide the word "cabin suitcase" into prime factors, distinguishing the product: suitcase and type: cabin.


Almost 60% of people who buy online use a mobile phone for this purpose. Responsiveness of functionality means comfort for your client, regardless

of the device they use.

The lack of language barrier

Thanks to our tool, you are able to answer every customer's query – even that at the other end of the world. Smart Search supports up to 35 languages.

Dostępne funkcjonalności:

Evaluate and use
the effectiveness
of our actions

The customer panel gives you the opportunity

to view the tool's performance statistics, such as

sales, CTR, phrase conversion, popular keywords, empty phrases, trends.

In addition, data collected on the basis of a full analysis of user behaviour on the shop's website can be used for your SEO, SEM and PPC campaigns.

Evaluate and use the effectiveness of our actions

Product offer optimisation

Analysing phrases for which no results were found enables you to get a clear view of what products, which are currently not available in the shop, your customers are looking for. You can also check which products sell best from

a given search phrase, as well as which ones stand out with the best conversion.

Match results better

Using previous experience and shopping preferences of your online shop users, we are able to better match search results to each customer.

You can do it yourself...

or you can ask us for help.

Create an account in our panel and add

to your site a script generated especially

for you. We will send you implementation details via e-mail after completing the form.

If you prefer us to prepare everything for you, we are at your disposal. This option, however, requires an additional fee, which

is set individually.



Remember that customers buy where they see the answer to their needs.

In the time of growing competition and greater popularity of shopping without contacting directly other people, it is especially important that they find

it at your place.

Use the offer

Pamietaj, że klienci kupują tam, gdzie widzą odpowiedź na swoje potrzeby. W czasie rosnącej konkurencji i większej popularności zakupów bez kontaktu z drugim człowiekiem, szczególnie ważne jest, by znaleźli ją u Ciebie.

Remember that customers buy where they see the answer to their needs. In the time of growing competition and greater popularity of shopping without contacting directly other people, it is especially important that they find it at your place.

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