10-Day Holistic Mind & Body Detox

An Evidence-Based Approach to Detoxifying Your Mind & Body Holistically

  • Complete 10-Day Success Manual
  • Registered Dietician Approved Menu Plan & Meal Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Daily Emails
  • Detox Checklist
  • Lots of bonuses!

Only now:




What's Included:


Rid Body of Toxins

Help Reduce Cravings

Help Restore Hormonal Balance

Facilitate Improved Digestion &

Absorption of Nutrients

Burn Stubborn Fat

Reduce Stress

Strategies to Create a Positive Mindset

Increased Energy and Mental Clarity

Improved Mood


Strategies to Reduce the Toxic Load & Improve the Energy

in Your Home


Are ready to Reset Your Mind & Body?

This program is designed to help you detox mentally & physically and jumpstart your wellness journey with a solid foundation you can build on.



Only now:

The 10-Day Detox was my breakthrough!

I had been at the same weight for 6 weeks. I dropped the next 5 pounds with the detox.

The 10 Day Detox is Totally doable. It showed me ways to eat things I didn't think I liked- kale, avocados & raw kombucha. I have incorporated them into my diet in delicious ways! Thank you Jennifer for changing not just the way I look, but how I feel about myself and the way I feel... HEALTHY!

Joyce W.

Customer testimonials

I was able to lose 7 pounds, lower my blood pressure and my blood sugar to normal ranges, something I have been struggling with for months. I feel good, exercising more, all from this detox.

Diana E.

Josh S.

This Program is exactly what I needed to kick-me back into shape and into a healthier lifestyle... Thank you Jennifer for your guidance and encouragement.

Linda U.

I am so incredibly thankful for you! I feel so amazing. I am down 7 pounds and my brain fog is clear! I am sleeping so much better!


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Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnosis, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided is for general educational purposes, has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended to take the place of advice for your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your healthcare and activity choices.

Meet Your Health & Wellness Coach

For years I have been passionate about helping others improve their health and fitness goals so that they can live their best life and get the results they are after. My passion has led me on a career path of being a Registered Nurse for over 2o years and continuing my education as a Nationally Certified Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Life Coach and Sports Performance Specialist.

As the Founder and Owner of Rooted Holistic Health Coaching, I have an extensive background that involves years of studying evidence-based holistic practices, strategies, and methodologies. I leverage my experience and expertise to foster incredible health and fitness results for my clients that not only leads to improved overall health but is also accompanied by establishing healthier habits which leads to sustainable results. Several of my strategies include mindset, behavior modification, nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, bio resonance testing and environment.

I work with a large variety of clients that range from those wanting to lose weight to improve their overall health and reduce their health risk factors, to recreational athletes and elite level athletes that are wanting to go to the next level. No matter what brings you here, we strategize and come up with a plan that is right for you, your budget and your goals. It would be an honor to be a part of your wellness journey. -Jennifer Jenkins

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