Homemakers, Do you know over 86% of Respiratory & Immunity Disorders are caused by Cleaning Chemicals ?!!

                        Here is a problem you face !  As Covid spreads, your concern about low immunity levels and vulnerability to respiratory problems for family and self increases.  You are not comfortable of hospital trips for check ups, you have doing all you can to improve immunity.
                                                                                  But are you aware that the cleaning chemicals used at homes are main cause of immunity and respiratory problems?  Ingredients like Amines, Benzene, Glycol ethers , Triclosan Dioxanes etc are known toxins. The health of women, children & elders highly impacted.
                                                                      Whats more shocking, is an ingredient called Triclosan.  Used as anti bacterial or sanitiser triclosan is a dangerous Endocrine or Hormone Disruptor .The chemical is known to cause mood fluctuations, nervous attacks and breakdown in psycological health. Its been attributed to depressions & Severe Women's Heath Issues.

The list goes on and on...Search on Google can share  MORE disturbing details on these chemicals. People have been known to get cured of cancers, allergies and respiratory complications when they stopped using chemical Cleaners. This is the basis of Organic Revolution.

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Fortunately , there is an alternative to Chemical Cleaners!!

Botanique Cleaning solutions are made of Plant extracts and Renewable Natural Resources & that are

# Readily Biodegradable- That's over 75% biodegradation within 27days

# No added Perfumes, Colouring agents or Foaming agents

Botanique's Cleaners are Ammonia Free- This ensure maximum safety of your family members. Women in our families will be protected from gynecological issues arising out of cleaning chemical

Botanique Cleaners are Benzene Free - Botanique Cleaners are made of Soya extracts and free from benzene. Benzene is a powerful toxin that cause of respiratory illnesses of elders. In the ongoing Covid Situation, this is a gift that you and your family deserve.By using Botanique Cleaners you can be sure of being protected against the most hazardous chemical

Free of Strong Acids:

Chemical Toilet Cleaners are Hydrocloric acid based.

Botanique Cleaners are free of strong acids and that makes them extremely safe for Pregnant Women, Children and Elders- All of whom are easily affected by the fumes.

This will ensure that the entire family will stay protected even in the most private spaces.

HACCP Certified Ingredients

No added Colours

No Added Perfumes

No added Foaming agents

Safe for pregnent Women, Children and Elders

Why take our word for it...Listen to these customers ....

Ms. Jayanti Govindan

Interior Designer

La Amicale , Chennai

Mr Nandha

Director Dynamic Kitchens, Chennai

Mr. Subash Kumar

Property Management

Airbnb Properties, Chenna

We have some properties on AirBnB .

We use the Botanique Cleaners and are quite happy.
The bioacid is something I recommend if you have washroom issues with scaling or stains on glasses or taps.
I recooend them to anyone who wants to stay Healthy

My favourite is Safe Clothes.

It leaves clothes unbelievable Clean & Soft, without having to use fabric softeners.

Wife likes the kitchen products , and we have shared these with our business associates and friends.

Since childhood, I had irritation on skin, and rashes on hands while using chemical cleaners. Have not had it after shifting to Botanique Cleaners. That's amazing.

Powerful Cleaners & Safe for Homes and family.

Shortlisted Botanique after detailed tests and recommendations of Doctors on Audit Panel.

Safe , Powerful Cleaning and Promises delivered.

450 Bed Multi Speciality Hospital in Vellore

Praveen Kumar

GM- Drainwhistle, Ghaziabad

We are into Working area maintenance in IT Parks, Multinationals and Food companies. Our services include Hospitality, Kitchen, Washroom maintainance . Sanitisation and Cleaning are our core areas of expertise.

The use of botanical cleaners has been our strength and a USP i maintaining the best of compliances in health and safety.

Bioacid, Kitchen Cleaners have performed exceptionally well for many IT Parks and Multinationals. Performance has to be seen to be believed.

As an Environmentally Concious family, we are concerned about leaving as small a toxic footprint as possible. This means the quantum of chemcals being used and add to the environment.

We use Botanique products as anpart of or holistic sustainab;e efforts and very happy to do so.

With business interest in catering, we find their solutions to be awesome.

I would ecommend botanique Cleaners for those looking for safer products for their homes.

Mr Sunil Rajankar


Goldline Catering, Chennai

Some of clients in Industrial arena- these following companies have also used the botanical cleaners

Botanique Cleaners are Benzene and Ammonia Free and will not cause Immuno response in Upper Respiratory Tract.

We introduce 3 purchase options

Beware of Imitations- Botanique Cleaners are Not available on any other platform

Sample Pack of 7 Cleaners

in 100 ml bottles

For Rs 585/-

Incl taxes and Deliveries

Family Pack


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Sample Pack of 6 Concentrate Cleaners in 100 ml bottles

For Rs 685/-

Inclusive of Taxes & Delivery

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Family Bargain Pack

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Pay For Annual Package & Get additional Cleaners upto 35% EXTRA for free

30 days Money Back Guarantee .

No Questions Asked refund!


Beware of Imitations- Botanique Cleaners are Not available on any other platform

  • Sample Gift Pack Consisting of 100 ml bottles of Cleaners as Concentrates :
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Washroom Cleaner
  • Bioacid- Harpic Alternative
  • Glass Shine- Colin Alternative
  • Shiny Cookware- Liquid Dishwash for hand & Machine dishwashing
  • Safe Clothes- Liquid Laundry
  • Car/ Bike Wash

Family Pack Bonus

Buy Now For Rs.685/-

Prices Incl Taxes and Delivery

Rs. 1250/- per month for the following:

Buy Now For Rs.1250/-
  • Floor Cleaner - 1 Lit
  • Washroom Cleaner- 1 Lit
  • Safe Wash ( Garments)- 500 Ml
  • Shiny Cookware- Liquid Dishwash for hand or Machine Washing-500ml
  • BioAcid- For Washroom Commodes and Rust/ Scale Removal

Or Pay Rs 15000/- for Family Pack ( in 12 monthly Instalments) and additionally get the following Cleaners:

Glass Shine: 500 ml every month- Worth 2700/-

Shine Restore : Car/ Bike Cleaner 500 ml each month ( Worth 3420-/)

Kitchen Shine- For removing greasy marks on Oven Chimneys( worth Rs 3540/-)

Additional Cleaners worth Rs. 9660/-

Thats over 64% extra for the same price!!

Trail & Sample Pack

Annual Purchase Bargain

I want the Bargain

Allergen Free Cleaners will help your efforts to boost Immunity of family & Ensure the children, elders and spouse are better health

The perfumes used are essential oil based and are free of VOC- Or Volatile Organic Content. This will help asthmatic elders aswell as younger children from developing breathing issues.

Being Phospherous Free the safety to aquatic life and lakes is assured.

With work from home, being the new norm, protection from exposure chemicals like benzenes, dioxanes , d-limonene will help in better mental heaklth and help boost psychological well being. This will boost efficiency at work

Do you feel that the cost of cleaners should also take into account the health and well being of your family menbers?

Do you think its worthwhile spending a few hundred rupees at this time and saving the cost of expensive trips to hospitals , doctors and medicines? In times of Pandemic, isnt the time and mental agony of having to wait at a hospial or waiting room of a doctor equally risky?

Do you think we need to esure that the chemical free how is the need of the times?

Would we need to take actions that are in sync with the requirements of your social , family and ecosystem and Environment?

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Beware of Imitations- Botanique Cleaners are Not available on any other platform

The Botanique range of cleaners are free of known Toxins like Caustics, Amines, dioxanes, D-Limonene, Glycol Ethers. The effect of these on your health, family's well being, immunity, mental health.

If there was a time to change , its now!

Protect your family and Environment

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