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I've seen other companies offer much bigger discount codes, how come with Interserver the discount seems kind of low

Simple - these other guys are using the so-called "bait and switch" approach to attract customers. The price you pay with them will be artificially low the first year with their coupon codes but when it is time to renew they'll hit you hard with a huge bill! Interserver do NOT work like this at all - the price you pay for your first billing cycle is set and this is the price you will keep paying for as long as you are a customer. This is much more transparent and straightforward way to do business and is one of the many reasons more and more webmasters are choosing Interserver over the competition.  

To summarize what we got here

Interserver is a USA based, premium webhosting provider with already super low and affordable prices. For the folks who want to save even more we offer Interserver promo code SAVE99 which will give you a nice discount on all shared plans. Use this coupon at checkout for maximum savings.

Disclosure: Like with most websites on the internet here as well some or all of the links out are affiliated. This do not mean you will be paying more - just the opposite, use our links and promo code offer to save money!