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Stephanie R

I had achilles surgery and was able to come in and train while being on a scooter and non weight bearing to now being released and back to work. I don't think most trainers could have been as creative and cognizant of what I needed to get done in a safe manner. Shannon understand injuries and physical therapy protocols. I'm thankful I didn't have to take very much down time off.

Seth A.

Down to earth, personalized training in an intimate environment - experienced trainers who listen and adjust to my needs. I look forward to my workouts and especially enjoy the small group fitness sessions that are customized for each participant. I highly recommend InMotion, Shannon and her team of trainers.

Pam R

I have done PT, Small Group and classes. They provide a great opportunity for each transition and goal I have achieved at inMotion. I always know it will be hard work, but fun and different and they can work with so many different abilities and injuries at the same time or one on one!

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