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How Customers Shop Today Using On-Line Resources

A Systematic View of Shopping Behavior in Today's Digital World

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The Process View
Customer Journey

How customers shop today is heavily dependent upon research and interacting with companies’ online platforms. When looking at the customer journey as a whole, there are 7 distinct steps in the process. We will examine this process as a whole, and will identify some key success factors, and action to take, within each step.

Keep in mind, in most cases, after the first step, the shopper progresses through the remainder of the process almost autonomously.

What you learn
from this whitepaper

By reading and implementing the suggestions in this paper, businesses like yours have experienced:
- A better understanding of how they acquire customers
- Increased transparency of where they may be loosing potential customers
- A Roadmap of specific action steps to take in building your online presence
- Improve your conversion rates of Shopper to Buyers
- A remedy for their leaking sales funnel

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Every day, local businesses are losing sales due to a poor or nonexistent online presence - Forbes



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