We're looking for a bright and creative media star to join our growing team, here at EMBLAZE.

Our mission is to enliven the career growth mindset by empowering employees with emotionally charged content that inspires worklife success. We fuse professional development with personal health and wellbeing content, sharing it across a blend of media.

We are building a pioneering printed and app-based journal; a social media group filled with content from the UK’s most inspiring coaches; a podcast; and plans to run a series of events with one annual expo.

This is an exciting time for the Company; the role is poised for somebody with the vitality to join us on our growth journey.




About you:

You’ll have a passion for all things content. Perhaps you run your own blog, group or channel, or you have a particular fascination with what makes good branded content. You’re a thinker, a creator and most importantly an organiser. The idea of working for a magazine excites you. You are looking to make a mark in your career; perhaps the roles to date haven’t quite lit your fuse, but now your ready to flourish with an employer who trusts in your creativity and encourages you to be brave. You may think that are not experienced enough for this role, even though you know you have it within you to succeed. If so, apply anyway; if your determination shines through then we can take it further.

About the role:

The position of Junior Media Executive will expand depending on your appetite to progress and the requirements of the business. Upon joining you will be responsible for:

> Content – strategy: A strong understanding of what makes highly engaging content and how to curate to the tastes of an audience, measuring the many textures and nuances of modern day marketing. The ability to drafts briefs for external content creators and appraise their work.

> Content – creation: Strong written skills. The ability to create intelligent and convincing perspectives expressed within an enjoyable writing style.

> Social media: A strong understanding of how to approach social media in the context of business, primarily working within LinkedIn. Analysis of engagement and recommendations for ongoing improvement.

> Community management: An understanding of how to build online engagement, moderate online energy and communicate with an audience.

> Relationship management: Strong all-round people skills. Building buoyant relationships with clients and binding relationships with the team, knowing when to bring energy or apply pressure.

> Project management – media: Outstanding organisational skills, knowing the status of all activities, with strong record-keeping and prolific note taking, despite the pressures and variety of demands placed on you.

> Project management – clients: Extending your project management skills into client media requirements. Managing expectations, creating project plans, agreeing budgets and planning projects effectively within attainable and realistic timescales.

> Content Management Systems (CMS): Experience in CMS or email campaign engines is crucial. This may include a combination of the following: WordPress, Campaign Monitor, Monday, Send Pulse, Webflow etc.

> Software: Expected to be proficient in Microsoft Office (or Google alternatives), email and any number of modern cloud-based applications.


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LIVE: October 2019

We want to hear your story in the way you'd say it. Share with us your dreams and ideas so that we get a picture of who you are are. Good luck!

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Key skills:

> Meticulous attention to detail and organisation skills

> Strong research skills and ability to express well-considered views

> Excellent communicator

> High levels of enthusiasm to pursue a successful career in media