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Must Have Distributor Compliance Guidelines

Direct Selling Companies are constantly scrutinized by FTC. Distributors are the message carriers. Grab these 34 points you must address to stay out of trouble generally only available during our exclusive training – a $1,500 Value!

Large companies pay attorneys tens of thousands of dollars to get this information on monitoring, training, and accountability strategies to protect their company. Our professional team specializes in compliance solutions and we want to ensure you avoid problems too! Download this $1,500 package absolutely FREE TODAY!

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Donna Marie Serritella, author of Compliance Solutions, and known as "The Queen of Compliance", combines her 30 years of experience with the industry’s leading attorneys to create valuable resources for direct selling companies. We guarantee you will get the information you need.

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Avoid Common Mistakes Companies Make with a Untrained Sales Force

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Solid Principles

A Compass and Plan for Successful Implementation and Policies

Unlock the Secrets that Big Companies Use from Practiced Attorneys

THE Compass for Distributor Compliance

THE Compass for Distributor Compliance

  • What is Compliance
  • Secrets to Compliance Protection
  • Compliance Preparedness
  • Building a Compliance Team
  • Avoid Common Mistakes that FTC looks for
  • Learn WHY and What training is so vital for your distributors and full team
  • Review Case Studies to avoid the same mistakes

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