"The Invisible Pitch is by far THE BEST way to generate a large amount of sales within 24 hours through social media with little to no downside."

"We Use The Invisible Pitch to book 6 sales calls everyday, each week, for the last 4 months and counting."

Here’s What You Get When You Join Today

The Invisible Pitch 2.0 Training Video so that you can begin booking 20 to 30 sales calls every week without any advertising.

11x pages of swipe files that you can COPY + PASTE + DEPLOY that have generated over $300,000 from cold emails, Facebook posts, forums and Linkedin messages.

Fill In The Blank Templates that you can use to create your Invisible Pitch within 7 minutes to begin generating sale call appointments TODAY


A powerful script that is responsible for over $300,000+ in sales through manual cold outreach to book 4 to 12 calls per day to sell products and services ranging from $47 to $6,0000.

How Does This Actually Work?

The Invisible Pitch is based around selling through the context of social media - And not how you know it.

The Invisible Pitch uses a very subtle message that fits into the context of social media, thus making it almost 100% Invisible. This allows you to send the message and generate sales and sales calls WITHOUT annoying your marketplace, being salesly or even seeming "un-cool"

We achieve this by hitting several mental triggers through the message. These include the idea angle, the "team play" trigger and the collective energy of social proof.

Once we have your marketplace engaged, we go for the close using a well crafted script that has been designed to generate a positive response - even if they don't buy.

Will This Work For ME?

If you have a decent product and even an extremely small following online then The Invisible Pitch is by far THE BEST way to generate a large amount of sales calls within 24-48 hours through social media with little to no downside.

There are no advertising costs, no production costs, no lengthy creation time and no waiting days or weeks to see if it worked. You COPY the text provided in the swipe file and PASTE it into your social media with results to follow within minutes.

If you like the idea of being able to schedule 4 to 12 sales calls every single day using a simple copy and paste script, then the Insavle Pitch is about to become your best investment.

Will This Work For ME?

The invisible pitch is a tool I created for myself and my clients, it works wonders for consulting, coaching and digital products.

Its a style of script to pitch the idea of having a strategy session with someone.

The goal of the pitch is to SELL or to create ACTION from the marketplace.

Its non-spammy and non salesly' way to get prospects to take action. To the point where I’ve used it for services priced at $200 all the way up to 6k using email, forums, LinkedIn and Facebook to book strategy sessions and close clients.

Have A Question?

I'm worried my price point is to high?

I’ve proven this works for products that cost up to $5,997

Once you begin traveling upwards of $5,997 I would assume that you would begin to generate some resistance from your marketplace. However this can be countered with payment plans and guarantee in place so that the barrier to entry is less risky for your prospects.

Do I need any technical experience


If you can use social media, copy / paste and post an update then you can implement The Invisible Pitch. There is no need for landing pages, any graphics, videos or any advertising. This is a text based only campaign.

Is this complex or hard to set up?

This campaign should only take you about 10 minutes to implement. Just fill in the blank template and deploy the status onto your social media profile.

The only additional step required is to then collect the sales and delivery the product / service to your new found customers!

Did this REALLY work?

Yes it did!

Both with a physical event and an online product. I also calculate that this would work with most “generalized” services and especially within the coaching, group coaching and mastermind niche.