The corporate beast is

about to be awakened.

EMBLAZE feeds the workplace with content that incites ambition, stirs curiosity, embraces health and triggers inner belief. We are looking for content creators who share those values.



About you, the influencer

Share this incredible journey, and your unique insights, with hungry-for-life employees surpressed by corporate life.

You're probably a consultant or perhaps you run your own practice. You're in tune with today's generation: you understand the scientific justification behind your advice, but you bring your words to life through a practical and enlivening delivery. You're passionate about your subject and it shows through your energy and genuine excitement to see people take onboard your advice and become better for it. You write, you vlog and you have something valuable to share.

You're likely to work in these fields:

// Leadership

// Mental wellbeing

// Career progression

// Financial

// Life coach

// Personal branding

// Health and fitness

// Lifestyle

// Business skills

// Personal styling

// Spiritual

// Technical skills

Lead the conversation

Contribute powerful content to our pioneering magazine and digital employee experience.

We’re upping the tempo and enlivening the career growth mindset by empowering employees with emotionally charged content that inspires worklife success. Our high energy flagship magazine places professional development resources in the laps of employees. Designed to connect with the deeply rooted values, motivations and concerns of our readership – EMBLAZE illuminates the path to becoming an accomplished employee, and a stronger asset to business.

What's in it for you:

+ Gain market exposure within the corporate sector

+ Expand your coaching opportunities

+ Online and social media exposure

+ Share knowledge and experience

+ Make a real difference to ambitious minds

+ Become a guru within our online community

+ Present your story at an EMBLAZE LIVE event

+ Make a guest appearance on the podcast

The publication

For us to retain and build on our identity, we need to stay on brand. We look for expert contributors who can create enriching content that fits within our style guide. Yes, we're picky, but the chances are, so are you.


+ Give energy to the reader

+ Finish on a high

+ Provide solutions, not highlight problems

+ Speak to the reader (You must… You'll be…)

+ Have a lively writing style

+ Be accessible, professional but not too technical

+ Ooze inspiration, making the reader want to act


Our editorial team and content specialists will help you through the process, but we need to be aligned in our thinking before we begin.


Your contribution

Our magazine brings a new voice to the corporate world. It's read by the employees of major corporate employers; typically those in financial services, law, technology, retail (corporate), utilities, construction, media and consultancy.


Get involved

If you've worked your way down to this section of the page, then we're guessing that you're interested in what we are all about. Why not send us a message – telling us a bit about you, your proposition and your outlook towards your niche. We'd love to hear from you.


The corporate beast is

about to be awakened.


If you'd like to hear more before you make your interest known, then we suggest you view a copy of our brochure. To make a request click below and email us with a message entitled 'Brochure please' and we will share a copy with you within 24 hours.

What customers say


A few sentences about your product. How it help to solve clients' problems.

It should convince the unconvinced.

No fake quotes or photos!





A few sentences about your product. How it help to solve clients' problems.

It should convince the unconvinced.

No fake quotes or photos!