Why is Bizmoni considered Social Viral Economy?

One out of 10 individuals will ever get a chance to start a business and only 0,8 % out of them will make it to a Millionaire. Moreover, only 0.000002% will ever reach the point to become a Billionaire.

We believe these rates can be highly improved by providing the right combination of the proper ingredients and conditions.

Every year approximately 43 million individuals start a new business out of which 38 million do not reach year’s end. Only 0,5% will still be running in a 5 year period.

Most people believe that having a new idea and getting on the market “first" is a key factor for success. These can certainly facilitate the processes and contribute to business success. However, they are not the essential key factors.

You need a combination of the right Timing with the right Ingredients and the appropriate Conditions as well as sufficient Funding to go with it in order to make it happen.

We all read about a variety of outstanding success stories in different domains, and yet there are no words about all those that end up with failure because we live in a society where failure is a blemish. In fact, you may even have beaten yourself up for like lack of motivation, laziness, partnering up with the wrong people, and so on. Ultimately, it’s what you didn’t know that caused your business to fail.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Henry Ford.

Your business failed. It’s normal. No, it isn’t fun or wanted, but it is normal. It means that you are now a part of the acceptable process required to start a sustainable, lasting business venture.

Thus, Bizmoni is here to give you a helpful hand to make a difference in your business and increase your profit. Many risks can be managed or calculated to improve growth or provide a competitive edge. The challenge is to avoid the bad risks, while actively seeking and managing the smart risks. There are no guarantees in business, but it pays to learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs and business experts who have gone before you.

In light of this, people should be encouraged to go for more trials having learned from their previous business mistakes. This isn’t just about listing all the obvious things you did wrong; it also includes finding out why you failed to learn in the first place.

There are no Real Time Business Universities to teach you how to manage your inner potential and start a successful business. That's why you learn by failure! A famous quote goes,

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

1. Bizmoni is here to provide the core path by which any individual intends to develop their business ideas to the next level, and establish a good foundation.

2. Bizmoni is the right tool to facilitate and boost your development through any business experience with more confidence, power, ability and knowledge.

3. Bizmoni has the power to change your business from failure into success. Starting a business is inherently risky unless you get the right conditions and proper ingredients.

There is no need to be the first or have a unique idea.

Near 60% of all millionaires are self-made and do not have a PhD degree. They were able to create the right ingredients under the right circumstances.

You can do it as well......

About Us:

Bizmoni is the result of hard work, a thorough research and praiseworthy dedication by a unique team under the leadership of the founder Jose Graca to create a solution that is able to give equal opportunities to every individual to become a successful business owner.

Jose Graca / Founder, Chairman - CEO Bizmoni Corp.

The Mastermind behind the Social Viral Economy who came up with a name that would fit the philosophy, vision and mission of the company. Jose is a remarkably talented, leadership-oriented Research Geek, and a software developer for more than three decades who has been contributing to many businesses to come to life through his solutions, to achieve their business goals and particular business vision, increase their productivity as well as become more profitable and successful. Born in Lisbon, graduated in Rotterdam in Applied Sciences where he spent his youth and started thinking bigger and aiming higher.

There he learned the value of teamwork and the work ethic essential to leadership. The next stop of his professional journey was being enrolled into his MBA studies with the major in Economy and Business Administration. As a result, Jose gained the ample amount of knowledge-based, innovative ideas and further vision of business-driven strategies.

Throughout his professionally meaningful journey, he lived in 10 countries, visited more than 550 cities and acquired 8 languages. It is worth highlighting that Jose kept travelling carrying on innovative, valuable and global economic scenario related ideas with urgent stops to conceptualize the said and the heard by means of smooth transition, to filter inside him the ideas and constructive feedback submitted and, consequently to organize his “package” of learnt messages, achieved goals in accordance with the material sequencing everything in a coherent way on his career ladder.

The success of his journey through these stages is heavily determined by his higher level of thinking, immense capacity to interact effectively with the other “passengers” open-mindedly, appreciate the value of team work, shared understanding, synergies of combining people with different backgrounds, knowledge, and experience levels.

In light of the above mentioned, Jose has established successful projects. In addition, he has been rewarded with successful business ventures and innovations. Throughout his dynamic career, he has been a serial entrepreneur, a highly-qualified manager with leadership competences, a product developer, and a marketing specialist who can identify the needs and take measures to meet them skillfully,

He has used his multi-layered strategic vision, marketing and finance skills, analytical thinking, higher level of accountability along with his charisma and leadership to take those projects to the next level.

Jose is an all- terrain Global Strategic Executive Visioner. Since 2013, he has been focusing on the tools and principles to innovate and convert the conventional economy into a digital social viral economy. His target-oriented performance is aimed at creating a triggering and favourable environment with more equal opportunities for every individual to start and own a successful business.

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Social Viral Economy History

The history is still going through its evolutionary phase. As a groundbreaking concept, the term ‘Social Viral Economy’provides new opportunities with low risks and low entrance barriers. In the meantime, this term is not as commonly used as it is being practiced.

However, it is believed that the outset of the history has been introduced by Xennials or Generation X; people with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood, and carried forward by Millennials or Generation Y; people who were born during the period 1981 – 1996. There was hardly any digital device mentioned for a commercial use by the 1970s and early 80s with electronic devices run in an analog pattern. Going into the 80s, the world started to experience major tangible changes. The invention of a command language replaced the old machine code only to improve the ways of communication between a human and a machine. The connection between a human and a machine started to become stronger over time as we moved into the final decade of the 20th century. With advances in technology, the world realized that machines were heading towards human level intelligence very soon. It is interesting to note that in 1981,the first successful commercial expert system, known as the RI, began operation at the Digital Equipment Corporation helping configure orders for new computer systems. By 1986, it was saving the company an estimated $40m a year.(Please, see the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ai-15-key-moments-in-the-story-of-artificial-intelligence/zh77cqt).

It was obvious that artificial intelligence ( both types narrow and general) illustrates at least some types of behaviours which are associated with human intelligence such as planning, reasoning, learning, problem solving, etc. The concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning (where a computer system is fed large amounts of data, which it then uses to learn how to carry out a specific task, such as understanding speech or captioning a photograph) became popular with the introduction of more sophisticated codes and easy-to-manipulate languages.

As a result, different types of automation emerged. Furthermore, social media took the innovation and advancement to a new level because of a real-time feedback and support. Innovations in logistics and supply chain industry helped both businesses and consumers to get products and services at their doorstep.

Generation X saw the analog machine models and invented ways to communicate with them through digital signals.

Millennials used these devices. Moreover, their continuous feedback became the source of meaningful modifications, innovations and integrations in those devices. Consequently, it was inevitable that intelligent machines were becoming an everyday reality that would change all of our lives. As time went by, advanced communication channels coupled with hi-tech automation has made it possible for the modern-day’s Generation Z to connect with people, businesses, even devices thousands of miles away from them, and get a quick thought-provoking solution to their queries and raise public awareness of the existing tools.

In the end, the desire to achieve a high degree of relaxation and satisfaction motivated human beings make tremendous attempts to find innovative solutions to cope with the hardships whenever issues arisen under various circumstances made obstacles to survive. Today, customers, businesses and markets are aligned through World Wide Web in order to accomplish their goals successfully and excel in their own multifacetted paths. What keeps them moving is known as an umbrella term ‘Social Viral Economy’.

Bizmoni is in the forefront of this Social Viral Economy generating more equal opportunities for every individual to own a successful business.

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy

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