Why every successful student needs a coach

The Educational Athlete is a blueprint for parents who want their children to succeed in life. From elementary school through graduate school, Dr. Eboni January guides parents and reveals the secrets that will help children to attain their goals!

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Dr. January has been such an amazing mentor throughout my college journey. She has continuously take the time to provide one on one test prep tips to help me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. With her tips and guidance, I graduated in the top 10% of my undergraduate class and was accepted into my first choice graduate school program!

Harris S.

By 2028, the cost of a four-year college education is estimated to be nearly $350,000, putting the reality of college well out of reach for most families. Yet, Dr. January offers a sound solution that will help your child realize their dreams.

What makes an Educational Athlete?

If your child has a coach for sports, why not for education?

If you don't where you are going, you are lost. Your child will learn the importance of goal setting and accomplishment

Goal Setting
Resume Building

A resume isn't only for adults. Learn how your child can gain valuable real world experience with successful role models

College Readiness

Being prepared for college is not the same as being accepted into college. I show you how to make sure they are ready to succeed in the college environment.

Studying is an essential part of learning. It is important know how to study to learn, understand and apply the lessons taught.

Study Skills

Test Taking

Being smart is one thing, being good at test taking is another. Test taking is a skill not a talent. We help your child develop this skill.

Time Management

For the first 18 years of a childs life, everytihng is on a schedule that is controlled by the parent, I introduce your child to time management skills that they will use forever.

Dr. Eboni January

I am Dr. Eboni January an Ob/Gyn by trade, but my passion is coaching parents and students in academics the way athletes are coached in sports. I feel that when academics are approached in a manner parallel to athletics then success is easier to achieve.

Growing up a poor girl from East St Louis, I found that when it came time to apply and prepare for college that I was the only one going into my field, but not just that…I struggled with standardized testing. I had an amazing GPA, but my ACT/SAT score did not reflect that. 

There was no “ACT practice” or “Doctor practice” like there was for football and basketball. There was no “team practice” to tell me the necessary steps to score big on the big game/test or what I needed to do to become a successful doctor or professional. Like many cities athletes are catered to and there are different avenues to cultivate athletic skills where as this didn’t always exist for academics. 

About the author

Dr. January has gone above and beyond to help me. Who would've ever thought that seeking help for the ACT would have introduced me to someone I now call my mentor and look up to. I am truly blessed to have her and her motivational words will always help my ambition to never be complacent

Xavier, S.

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