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CMS NALSAR is the only b-school that offers a unique practical experience and personal attention to each of our students. With unique internships and a wide range of placements, CMS NALSAR will kickstart your career!

Premier Business School in Hyderabad
T-Hub Partnership
NALSAR has the unique status of being the founding partner of the nation's largest start up incubator. CMS students receive EXCLUSIVE access to internships, lectures, and events by T-Hub.

CMS students are exposed to the corporate world in the form of three internships. The focus on internship means students contribute to a company’s development right from their student days.

5 Month Internships

Whether it is the academic project requirement of running a successful start-up at college, or the recently opened Business Incubator, CMS contributes tremendously in the start up ecosystem.
Towards your dream career
A truly flexible academic system, combined with rigorous practical assignments and guaranteed internships make CMS NALSAR the best place to pursue your MBA in Hyderabad.

Beautiful Campus

Sprawling over 55 acres, the NALSAR campus is a breathtaking mix of bold architecture and stunning landscaping.

CMS faculty are experienced as well as enthusiastic; we see no reason to deny ourselves one quality due to the presence of the other.

Extraordinary Faculty

Regional fests, cultural activities, sports, weekly student events, feasts... Need we say more about how much fun CMS students have?

Vibrant Student Life

See What Makes Us Unique

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At CMS , we don't teach-we learn together.

Graduates from CMS NALSAR possess a rich mixture of legal and management knowledge and are familiar and comfortable with the management of, and strategic implications of the intersection between law and management. To know more:

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Begin your career at the premier B-School in Hyderabad.

NAAC Accreditation

NALSAR University is accredited with an 'A+' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

Prof. Dr. Faizan Mustafa

CMS aims to nurture global managers and thought leaders who would prove to be a right fit in a fast changing business environment.

Prof. Dr. Vidyadhar Reddy

CMS strives to provide a transformational experience for our students who are expected to set goals and to commit to them.

Our campus will take your breath away

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Reach Divya @ 7893791172

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NALSAR University of Law

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