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Meet Your Health Coach

Jennifer Jenkins is the owner & founder of Rooted Holistic Health Coaching.

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Sports Performance Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Weight Management Specialist, HeartMath Practitioner, and NLP Practitioner. She blends her expertise in these areas to help others take a root cause approach to achieving their overall health & wellness, fitness, and weight management goals.

Jennifer's passion is to teach and empower others with the tools and strategies they need to live happier and healthier lives with sustainable results from the inside out. She believes that everyone has the power to improve their health, and she is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential.

Jennifer works with her clients to help them identify the root causes of their health challenges and imbalances. She then creates personalized plans to address these root causes and help her clients achieve their goals.

Rooted Holistic Health Coaching's programs are evidence-based, holistic, and comprehensive as they address all aspects of health, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. She also uses a variety of tools and techniques, including nutrition counseling, exercise prescription, stress management, and mind-body practices through NLP to support her clients either through either private coaching, in a group setting, or through her self-guided programs. 

Jennifer has successfully coached hundreds of clients overcome metabolic disorders, reach their health & wellness goals, and optimize their health, is a sought after speaker, has been featured on numerous podcasts for her expertise, and is currently writing her first book. 

She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others and is a valuable resource for anyone who is struggling with metabolic disorders or who is looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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