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Extreme Phone Sex

If you love taking things to the extreme as much as I do, then you should call me! Getting down and dirty with another person who is just as twisted and perverted as you are can make your fantasy call so much better than if you go-it-alone, if you know what I mean.I love pushing the limits, thinking outside-the-box, taking things just a notch further than usual, going past mild and straight to wild, within minutes. If you love extreme sex and you want to experiment with something taboo, maybe something just a little different than your “norm”, something like age play or for those of you who might be a little bi-curious, some cock sucking or cum eating training; some CBT or even some really kinky fetish play – you can find it all right here on my anything goes extreme phone chat line!I’d love to get super nasty with you – so pick up the phone and give me a call today!

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Kinky Phone Sex

Are you ready to take "kinky" to a whole new level? I’m Sylvia and I want to show you just how much fun playing on the naughty side of the tracks can be! If you love extreme or really twisted or taboo fantasies but don’t quite know how to express yourself, then call me! I’ll never judge you because, to be honest, I have a very deviant and perverted mind and I don’t mind digging deep down inside to make your kinky phone call one of the best you’ve ever had. It doesn’t matter what your definition of "kinky" is, there are no limits to what we can talk about during our play time. If you love age play and want to enjoy a naughty teen fantasy, we can either roleplay or, if you’d like, I can set up a 2-girl call with another kinky playmate for double the pleasure and double the fun! Are you a little bi curious and want to experiment with a cock sucking or strap on fantasy? I love those! I’ll take you gently into the depths of your psyche and explore every detail of your fantasy or fetish. Do you think about life as a cuckold? Maybe you’ve envisioned yourself being forced to clean a cream pie. Do you have a medical fetish that you’d like to explore? When this naughty nurse get’s her hands on you, you’ll never be the same. Anything goes and no fantasy is ever off limits! Call me for your own personal kinky pleasure today. Every call is unique, created exclusively for you! I can’t wait to play so call soon!

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Cougar Phone Sex

Do you fantasize about finding the perfect cougar specialist who understands your need to be seduced by an older woman? I’m a mommy who happens to love hot teen guys! Yes, I said teen – does that make me a horrible person? No. It just makes me a horny MILF who craves a hot young cock! If I can teach a young guy how to pleasure a woman, isn’t that sort of like doing a good deed? I happen to think so! When you call my cougar phone hotline, you get to spend quality, one-on-one, erotic telephone chat with a mature, experienced and intelligent woman. I want to help you explore all of your kinky fantasies and I don’t care how extreme or taboo they are. In fact, the crazier the better!

Some of my very favorite calls are about incest; cuckold fantasies; feminization; water sports; potty play; BBC or big black cock; fetish exploration and so much more. Just look at the categories on the right side of the page and you can see all of the possibilities that there are for us! When you want to experience cougar phonesex at it’s best, don’t hesitate, call me! I’ll give you what you need.

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phone sex

Taboo phone sex

Taboo calls get me so hot! I guess it’s because when you share a taboo fantasy with me, you’re opening yourself up and exposing your really kinky side. When you talk about a really taboo subject with an anonymous telephone partner, anything goes, there are no limits to what we can talk about and you never have to worry about what the other person thinks of your dirty mind – LOL.

We can talk about anything from a naughty incest roleplay to sharing real life experiences that are just way too nasty to share with anybody else. Our conversation can include age-play or maybe a bisexual fantasy that you might have. You can tell me about your secret desire to be a cross dressing sissy or maybe even a cock sucking faggot. The sky is the limit! Nothing is too hard core or vanilla to share with me. I love it all and I can’t wait to play with you – so pick up the phone and dial my number tonight!

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex

When “R” called me today, we continued our cock sucking telephone sex conversation about his hot neighbors that he wants to fuck. The husband is hot and looks like a surfer and the wife is equally as hot and completely fuckable. “R” confessed that he he’d love to have a three-some with them, but if the husband wanted a blow job when he wife wasn’t home, then “R” would be happy to oblige.

His cock sucking fantasy calls are always hot! Today, I told him to stand in front of the window, facing the neighbor’s house while he stroked – and hopefully the wife would see him and play with her pussy while he pumped his dick. “R” came really hard when I told him that!Do you have a bi or cock sucking extreme fantasy that you’d like to talk about? My hotline is always open – call me! Daisy @ 888-410-5501

MILF Phone Sex

Calling all you hot young studs….. ready for a mature phone fuck that will blow your mind AND your cock? I love breaking in a hot, young cock and today I met my match. I was able to phone fuck a hot young, hard-bodied sailor on his Harley! Yes, it was definitely a WILD ride!He said he loves older women so I knew this would be one kinky mature fucking! He didn’t disappoint!

I sat backwards on his rumbling bike, raised my legs up over his shoulders as he straddled the seat and told him to rev it up! I loved feeling the rumbling thunder under my pussy as he slipped that cock inside me.Are you ready for the mature fetish fuck of your life? Give me a call at 888-410-5501 – I’ll take YOU for a wild ride too! Love, Stacey

Blackmail Phone Sex

Here piggy, piggy…. are you ready to fill my financial domination piggy bank? It’s been a while since I’ve had a new wardrobe, I think a shopping spree is in order and YOU are going to work your piggy tail off to make it happen. You can’t satisfy me so you may as well try to entertain me – LOL. Financial domination sex is a great way for me to drain your wallet, max out your credit card and leave you completely destitute. Luckily you will have ME to thank and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you. How ironic is that?

Alright, put your puny, pathetic loser piggy cock away and get out your credit card. Dial 888-410-5501 and ask for Maya to get fucked over extreme blackmail telephone sex style!

Are you ready for the kinky, wild, no limits fetish phone call of your dreams? I love fetish roleplay and can’t think of anything more exciting than letting your inhibitions go and exploring your secret fetish sex fantasies. I’m experienced in all kinds of fetish play. My specialties are: foot and shoe fetish; body worship fetish; CBT; panty fetish; stocking or pantyhose fetish and so much more! If you don’t see your fetish listed here, don’t worry, I have a creative imagination and I know I can make your fetishes come to life during our fantasy call. For fetish sex on the phone of any kind – call me – let’s take it to the limit!


Barely Legal Phone Sex

Young babes phone fuck is a great way to tap into your kinky side and experience some of the naughtier things that plague your mind and pique your interest. I’m sure you’ve caught your mind wandering, at times, to a very naughty thought and found yourself aroused by it – only to shut it out of your mind when you consider how taboo it is.Well my taboo phone line is exactly what you need in times like those. Taboo phone fucking allows you to talk about your wildest fantasies and fetishes without holding back. It’s legal, it’s safe and it’s discreet. What more could you want? No matter what the subject is – taboo sex is my specialty. I have no limits – anything goes! Call my just turned 18 phonesex hotline for a good mind fuck today!

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barely legal phone sex

Been waiting to read about some really hot and kinky mommy phone chat story? I know a special caller has been waiting to read all about our kinky chat here in my blog, and I’m a naughty MILF for taking so long, but as promised, Dave , this is for you baby.When Dave and I talked, he shared some truly kinky confessions with me about some things that had happened as he was growing up. He was a rather sheltered boy, and quite innocent by today’s standards .. he didn’t get his first blow job until he was over 18 and he was a virgin who loved to hump his pillows while making video’s of himself for quite some time past the age of 18.

He confessed to me the when his Mommy Polly wasn’t around he enjoyed her heels, stockings and gloves and loved stroking off on cam as he watched himself dressed like his sexy Mom. He even admitted that as he stroked he frequently thought about cock, and how much he wanted to suck a cock. When he thought he was completely alone he’d talk about these kinds of desires out loud, and one day when he was lost in his fantasy world Saying how much he wanted to suck dick, he realized his father “T” had come home for lunch and most probably heard every word! We talked about a lot of other things, and I’m certainly looking forward to our next session and learning even more about Dave’s early sexual experiences, but even more so to getting deeper into what turns him on today and how he expresses all those desires he had as a young boy ….I’m waiting to hear your naughty confessions too baby. No matter how naughty or kinky, and if you prefer our conversations to be totally private, then you’ll never see them here like Pat’s story. But if you love to be exposed, I’ll be happy to write about our calls as well.

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Smoking Fetish Sex

Recently I’ve been having some of the most erotic smoking fetish phone conversations ever. Many of you may not know that I like to smoke, I’m kind of a closet smoker as my kids have a fit when they realize Mommy is smoking, so it’s my naughty little secret! One of my favorite smoking lovers called me while he was on vacation. He’d been laying poolside (I’m jealous, it’s still COLD here!) and as he was laying by the pool he had the urge to smoke a Capri Menthol with me. He’s generally a Newport smoker, but since we’ve been talking he bought some Capri’s, they look so sexy, long and slender in a woman’s fingers, and when he calls we both light up together.

Smoking the same cigarette makes us feel so much closer and when he called this time, he said he just wanted to please me, to make me cum. Now, there’s an idea I can get into anytime, anywhere. So we relaxed and I enjoyed the way he wanted to please me in a sensual phone call as I played with my favorite vibe until I came. We lit up a post-coital cigarette and then I told him I wanted to please him as well, climbing on top of his cock, my long slender cigarette in hand, I rode his hot cock til he came hard inside of me. I love smoking with DG and always look forward to our next call.In addition to smoking with DG, I got a hot call from a new caller who also loves seeing a woman with a long slender cigarette between her fingers. She looks so feminine and sexy, he just wants to be her femme boy and he smokes Virginia Slims. Those are such girly cigarettes and I love telling him to light up and smoke for me, hearing him take a deep inhalation and then exhaling. I know his cock is getting harder by the minute as he plays with himself, and then I tell him to light up two Virginia Slims. He feels and looks like such a femme boy whore with two smokes going at the same time and when I tell him to play with his pussy with one of those Virginia Slims he really feels like a smoking slut.

We’ve had a couple of very hot and sensual calls and have exchanged emails in between. He’s definitely a lot of fun to play with and I love imagining him as my personal smoking femme boy slut! When another caller rang my number, he enjoyed getting off while smoking a cigarette and after he shot his load, we spent quite a good amount of time just chatting. A lot of our conversation was about smoking, and when we started, what kind of cigarettes we’d tried in the past and how much we enjoy the feelings we get now from our smoking fetish phone calls. No matter what kind of smoking phonesex you like, you can always call me and share your fetish with me. I love sensual domination, and even sadistic phone sex, so if you like to get a little more extreme with your smoking fetish, that’s OK with me too. I’m familiar with all kinds of naughty ways to play with cigarettes from forced smoking to ash play and cbt. Call me and let me make your call the best ever!

Michelle @ 888-410-5501

GFE Phone Sex

I’ve been having the most fun on the phone with a really kinky caller, and while we do play and get into his kinky fetishes, most of our calls are spent talking. That’s why I call what we do GFE Phone Sex ….. GFE means the girlfriend experience and it’s for guys just like this kinky caller who are looking for more than just a quick way to blow their load and move on. I love this particular caller because he’s a highly intelligent guy and he stimulates my mind as well as my body, and I’m really flattered that he says the same about me. We discuss books and work, life experiences, where and how we grew up and lots more. I love our conversations, the are always fun and we both spend a lot of time laughing.

Over the course of our calls he’s told me about a number of his different kinky turn ons, and the things that turn him off too. Equally important in my mind. One of the things that really gets him going is enema play, and I’m quite well versed in enema and medical fetish play. He tied his cock and balls up nice and tight for me, filled a 2 quart red bag with hot water and got into the shower. There he filled his ass for me, twice, and I got so excited hearing his arousal growing as he jerked the head of his cock, calling it a clitty (he likes feminization sex too). The feel of the water rushing inside him and then out again, stimulating his prostate or g-spot since he’s into feminization, caused him to moan loudly and soon he was shooting a big hot load! I love hearing him cum and I can’t wait for our next play date!

And just like a real girlfriend, we already have our next date scheduled and sort of planned out. Even though we have a plan, I like to keep things open and spontaneous and he knows that, so while I’m sure of our next date, where it may lead is anyone’s guess. I do know for sure it will be hot and totally fun!

Looking for a woman who’s intelligent enough to stimulate you mind and body? One who has no inhibitions and offers a truly no limits experience that is personalized and tailored to your wants, needs and desires?

Than you gotta call me love - my name is Rita so call 888-410-5501 and ask for me!

GFE phone chat with Rita

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