and track 93% of e-commerce through Google Shopping, Amazon, Idealo and others

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Easy competitor price monitoring

Monitor e-commerce platforms in
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Counter-Price™ Monitoring

What makes us different?

Set-up in minutes

React to changes on the market instantly

1 hr data updates

Make decisions based on data updated even every hour

In one tool compare Google Shopping, Amazon, Idealo, and more.

93% market coverage

Trusted us:

Monitor competition on marketplaces and price comparison websites.

Automate your prices in multiple channels with custom rules.

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Clients about us:

We have been using the Dealavo platform to monitor the prices of over 20,000 products on price comparison websites for nearly 4 years and have always been satisfied.

- Antonin Stetina, CEO, Feedo

- Lukas Kaiser, Dobi

I found their company a great asset in more than one way. Quality of the data provided was excellent, the tool was running smoothly without any major issues.

Counter-Price™ Automation

Price monitoring is not enough?

Sam monitoring to za mało?

Automate your prices with Counter-Price™ Automation. Use pricing rules designed by world-class experts with many years of experience in pricing and e-commerce.

Try price automation!

Counter-Price™ Automation

What do you receive?

Fast reaction

Refresh prices up to every 15 minutes and react to competitors' price changes.

Full channel coverage

Change prices on all sales channels and all seller accounts.

Change prices based on your own rules, or those designed by our experts.

Individual pricing rules

Error elimination

Avoid the risk of human error, sales below costs and losses.

Saving time and money

Don't waste time on manually changing hundreds or thousands of prices every day.

Set limits based on your costs and minimum prices.

Margin protection

How do we do it?

We talk about your needs in price monitoring

You submit contact information

You provide a list of products you want to monitor

We create a demo account the same day

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