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The most unique and compelling aspect of the Kai-Zen Strategy is that the participant’s contributions are leveraged up to 3 to 1.


Features and Benefits

Death Benefit Protection

Death Benefit Protection
A cash value life insurance policy with accelerated benefit riders can provide a tax-free Death Benefit and/or living benefits of:

Critical Illness
(cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.)

Critical Injury
(coma, brain injury, paralysis, burns)

Chronic Illness
(May provide living benefits if death is expected within 12-24 months. Term varies by state)

Cash Accumulation
Potential cash value accumulation for lifestyle needs such as supplemental retirement income. Policy features include:

Interest Crediting Potential
(Opportunity for Interest credited based on market index or a fixed rate)

No Loss of Cash Value, 0% Floor
(0% floor protects against declines in an index)

Potential Cash Value Growth Tax Deferred & Tax-Free Income
Potential Income Tax-Free Withdrawals
(Access to cash value using policy loans and withdrawals that may be income tax free)

Cash Accumulation

Years 1-5
During the first 5 years, the participant contributes their portion and the lender finances the additional premiums into the insurance policy.

Years 6-10
After year 5, the participant's obligation is projected to be complete and the lender makes the remaining premium payments

Years 11-15
During This time, the policy has the potential to accumulate more value and the lender's note is projected to be satisfied approximately by the end of the 15th year

Years 16 and beyond
Potential needs such as supplemental retirement income

How Kai-Zen Works

Protecting your earnings is critical to insuring your ability to save for retirement. Due to contribution limitations, traditional retirement plans alone are typically insufficient for high income earners. If you want to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, you need a proactive strategy that puts more money toward protecting your future income without putting a drain on your current finances.

Kai-Zen uses leverage to help you acquire more of the insurance benefits you need to help financially protect you and your family. Using your policy as the sole collateral for outside bank funding, Kai=Zen contributes more to your life insurance policy in order to give you greater potential for supplemental retirement Income through the use of policy loans and withdrawals.

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