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Skratch has the highest impact in the Skratch range. This nutritional supplement is essential to help soothe and maintain healthy skin. The new Skratch formula also has a super digestive aid that can be used alongside our other products such as Itch and bite cream, SuperCalm, FlaxOil and Black Salt as required.

Soothes itching and the gut

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Chebulic Myrobalan

Key Ingredients

Can be fed routinely throughout the year

Provides comforting support and calms itching skin

Helps to maintain a glossy mane and tail

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Skin soothing herbal blend

Powerful herbal formula based on cedar extracts. A traditional approach which is ideal for itchy skin and biting flies and midges. Skratch is very similar to the old best seller SuperSkratch.

Supports the digestion balance

Quality of digestion lies at the heart of skin condition & comfort. Ingredients in Skratch maintain good and bad bacteria in the gut for good balance. Such support is very helpful and works with all modern feeding regimes. Black Salt can also be added to provide further assistance

Makes your horse happy and comfortable

Skratch will help your horse become happy and comfortable. The formula supports hair growth and provides nutrition for wonderful healthy normal skin and a gleaming coat.

Ideal for use in the spring and summer when there is a widespread of flies and midges which can bother your horse.

Soothes bites

25 Years of providing the very best feed supplements

Global Herbs aims to supply horse owners with the very best feed supplements from around the world.

Trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide

Global Herbs tries to make your experience as smooth as possible, providing different products for every need.

All our tubs are Category 5 recyclable plastic

All our tubs are recyclable according to the Cat 5 standard. All of our boxes and air pockets are 100% recyclable

Itch and bite cream

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Black Salt

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Quality without compromise...


We fingerprint all of our herbs, this ensures we know where each of one our ingredients has come from. We carefully monitor what goes in to every one one of our products and track every herb through its lifetime, straight from source.

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