Shake it Up Baby

This 25 minute session comes with tools that you can instantly integrate into your life, if you choose.

How do I know if this will contribute to me?

The key is to listen to your body - if something lights you up, feels right or you answer yes to the question, then likely there is something here for you.

Do you have an inkling something more is possible in your life?

Would you like to create more freedom and ease in a specific area of your life:

- Money

- Relationship

- Career

- Business

- Pregnancy

- Fertility

- New Home

- Fun

- Excitement

- Happiness

Are there blocks you keep bumping up against?

What if, what you have an inkling is possible, truly is and there is a small gap to where you would like to be? What if there is a way to bridge that gap? Would you be interested?

If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you choose in your life?

If this lights you and your body up, then go ahead and book your session now:

25 minute Power Packed Coaching Session - via a zoom call. Special $54 - Normally $275 for an hour. Only 25 appointments available.

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I wonder what else is possible beyond your wildest dreams

Contact details: Andy Pentecost



Terms and Conditions:

Only one session per person. 

Must be used within a month of purchase. 

Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Thank you x.This process is awesome and you are amazing at facilitating and uncovering release and expansion of our light beings xC.V.

Working with Andy during my pregnancy allowed me to release my fears, worries and anxieties around being a mother. As a result of the sessions, I now trust my parenting abilities and judgment, which is allowing me to relax and enjoy being a mum.Ginny