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In light of current events surrounding the Covid-19 outbreaks, we understand that these are trying times for businesses of all sizes, all around the world. We also understand that you may be concerned about your bookings slowing down, along with your revenue. One of our key values here at Booksy is 'We Work as a Team' and that extends out from us, to you, to your most-loved and loyal customers.

That's why our team of developers have been working around the clock to bring you a new feature that will allow your customers to donate to you today and encourage them to book their future appointments for when normal service resumes.


If you choose to have this option available, your customers will be able to support you by donating a defined amount of either $10, $20 or $40 (and they can donate as many times as they like), then we forward that payment to you. We will then prompt your kind customer to book their future appointment with you, so you'll see your calendar filling back up again.

How does it work?

We want you to know that Booksy does not earn any money from these donations, but our global payment processor will deduct a 2.69 + $0.30% transaction fee as they would with any card payments made through the Booksy app.

How do I let my clients know?

Open up the Marketing section in your Booksy Biz app and click on Message Blasts. Whether you choose to use email, SMS or push notifications, we've added some pre-loaded, customizable templates for you to send to your clients, encouraging them to book ahead for when normal service resumes, and offering them a chance to donate and support you through these trying times.

#TipNowBookNow Digital Flyers

You can now find templates to tell your clients about this new feature, right within the Social Post Creator tool in your Booksy Biz app.

Take a look here on how to find them and share them to your Instagram profile.

#TipNowBookNow GIFs

You can now find a range of Tip Now Book Now Gifs on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Snapchat. Just open up your GIF search and search either 'Booksy', 'Booksy Biz', Tip Now Book Now' or 'TNBN'.

Take a look here on how to find them.

Anything else?

If you're not already using mobile payments with Booksy, once you've chosen to activate Tip Now, Book Now, you'll receive a communication from our Customer Success team, so we can set this up and get your donations coming through to you.

All your donations received via Booksy will take 3-5 working days after receiving your bank details to process and land into your account. Please note that Booksy will receive no commission on your donations, but our payment provider will still apply the 2.69% + $0.30 transaction fee.

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