Cannabis Investing Made Simple.

King Kong Organics makes Cannabis investing easy. Anyone from anywhere can instantly invest and benefit from the rising global demand in greenhouse participations. A few steps is all it take for you to invest in greenhouses via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform.







KKOG is Going Public!

We are excited to announce, KKOG is going public on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE). KKOG will be the first cannabis company to list on this global platform, creating upside potential not available in other traditional marketplaces. This historic opportunity begins on July 29, 2019 and all registered users on get preferential access to KKOG shares in three discount periods. During these periods registered users can buy KKOG shares for the following discounts: 35% (Period 1), 25% (Period 2), 15% (Period 3). On September 1, 2019, the discounts are over. KKOG shares will be traded live on the HYBSE with the ticker D-KKOG.

Register now. KKOG will then make sure that your personal trading account is made available for you before the start of the first discount period.




35% Discount Period 1: July 29 - August 11

25% Discount Period 2: August 12 - August 25

15% Discount Period 3: August 26 - September 1

Live Trading Starting September 2 on HYBSE

  • 24 hour trading, 7 days a week
  • Micro-size trading possible
  • Direct trading execution with no intermediary
  • Simple process to open a personal trading account

Listing on

Hybrid Stock Exchange

Trade your KKOG shares in real-time on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) and be a stakeholder in our success. KKOG shares are now available to trade 24/7, providing shareholders with ongoing liquidity and the ability to take advantage of changes in this dynamic sector.

As a shareholder/investor, you will benefit from KKOG's unique access to the untapped potential of Africa’s Cannabis market. Africa’s Cannabis consumption is amongst the highest globally, with a consumption rate of 13.2% of its total population which is estimated to be 1.2 billion.

The African


Anyone can own a piece of the Cannabis greenhouses via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform (KKOG.IO). This platform allows for the buying and selling of “bricks” of specific greenhouse properties. Your bricks increase or decrease in value based on the profitability of the greenhouse.

The KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform

About King Kong Organics

King Kong Organics brings cannabis investing to the masses by granting access to cannabis properties via the KKOG Cannabis Investment Platform. With a focus on Africa's Cannabis market, KKOG has signed partnerships with african countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe. However, KKOG is not limited to Africa. It also has agreements in place in Colombia, Mongolia and Haiti (licensing, distribution, extraction). On the sales side, KKOG has recently negotiated agreements which have granted KKOG access to over 4000 pharmacies in South Africa. KKOG's focus on premium flower/oil (medical application) has a strong following in California in over 400 dispensaries. Now, KKOG's objective is to build a premium brand (incl. branded consumer products in CPG markets).

KKOG Brings Cannabis Investment to the Masses

How to own a piece of KKOG Cannabis greenhouses with KKOG bricks


KKOG.IO gives anyone the opportunity to take part in the lucrative cannabis industry. This access is granted based on the purchase of brick on KKOG.IO. Bricks are available for as low as $300.


The platform gives you the opportunity to instantly purchase and own “bricks”. This is your piece of a greenhouse. Bricks are capped for each greenhouse. So, your brick value cannot be diluted, with over subscription to a greenhouse. Bricks are locked at 10,000 per greenhouse. No matter the size.


Anyone Can Invest

Instant Ownership

KKOG only grows an organic product. Our method separates us from the competition and gives KKOG the edge, putting us on the track to become Africa’s cannabis market leaders.


KKOG's Cannabis Investment Platform offers liquidity for investors with the options for bricks to be bought and sold on the platform based on supply/demand model.


Africa's Market Leader

Investment Liquidity

Multiple celebrities from the entertainment industry have endorsed KKOG. From movies and TV to music and social media, KKOG has captured the imagination of a multitude of influencers and is poised to be the North Star of the cannabis industry.


KKOG has an experienced team with a proven track record of high yield cultivation, premium brand building and political access in mature and emerging markets.




Meet Our Team

Edouard Rene Joseph

Founder & Chairman

Christopher Lyon

Chief Operations Officer

International Relations Director

Chief Cultivation Officer

Fabien Anthony

Def Jam Recordings

Roc Nation

Virginia Salas Kastilio




Hybrid Stock Exchange

Listing Exchange

Blackbull Equities LLC

Listing Advisor

Da Vinci Capital Partners

Listing Sponsor

Kristian Grant

Enter for a Chance to Win a KKOG Brick!

KKOG is giving away 3 bricks for FREE to a lucky winner! With KKOG bricks, you will instantly own a piece of our South African greenhouse. You will be able to share in its success.

To enter the contest all you need to do is:

  1. Provide your name and email.
  2. Enter as many times as you want. The more you enter the better your opportunity to walk away with bricks!
  3. KKOG will send you a notification by email if you are selected as the winner.

Remember, referring a friend gives you more chances to win!

So, refer anyone you know!

Key Milestones



KKOG has built a strong following for its oil products in California reaching over 400 dispensaries.

KKOG has broad consumer support and a host of celebrity endorsements.





KKOG’s primary focus is on organic premium flower and oils for medical applications.



KKOG has signed agreements for licensing, distribution, extraction, and greenhouse deployment in 6 countries.



KKOG has successfully launched its ICO to generate additional capital for expansion.



KKOG’s vertical integration system of cultivation allows for greater quality control and increased production. This is the cornerstone of our strategy to build a globally scaled premium brand.



KKOG has a distribution agreement for approximately 4000 pharmacies across South Africa and tentatively more with our expansion plan in the greater southern African Region.



KKOG is the first Cannabis company to list on the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE).



As of today, KKOG has government alliances with 4 of the 5 countries in Africa where cannabis cultivation is legal: South Africa, Lesotho, Uganda, Swaziland.

Contact Us

King Kong Organics

(Mantis Green Inc. dba King Kong Organics)



1 (866) 922-5564



Fabien Anthony is an international business executive and technology advisor based in South Africa. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Global Advances Group, a consultancy that assists corporations, governments, and organizations in the areas of foreign direct investment, infrastructure cooperation, business development strategy, and technical capacity building in emerging markets. Mr. Anthony has consulted and worked for several multinational corporations including Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), and Level 3. He sits on the advisory board of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) Fund Management for overseas investments and partnerships of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Mr. Anthony holds a distinguished degree in the field of Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Business Administration and speaks fluent English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Christopher Lyon has an extensive international business experience having worked and studied in China, France, Guinea, Jamaica, Niger, South Africa, Colombia and the US over the last 30 years. As a strategist he has worked at the highest levels for governments, political candidates and multinationals. An expert on external relationship management, operations, business development and government relations, Chris has been pivotal in the development of large scale international projects delivering projects in China, Colombia, Niger, Jamaica and Guinea on time and exceeding expectations. Chris is also a World Nuclear University Fellow. Chris holds a bachelor degree in Political Science and a Post Graduate Certificate in International Management. Chris also attended University of Transkei as a HBCU Network Fellow, where is studied business and government.

Edouard Rene Joseph possesses a wide political network due to his work as Congressional Aide for Congresswoman Carrie Meek in the House of Representatives and working with State Senators, U.S. Representatives, and municipal politicians regarding federal matters. Leveraging his access and unique skill set, Joseph has guided businesses in both the public and private sectors in regard to business operations, finance and accounting. Thereafter, Joseph ventured into the luxury skincare business, creating such brands as Princereigns and Eauprin which established a new categories and are now a $140M niche brand. Renowned for reaching and garnering highly affluent consumers, Joseph created California’s preeminent cannabis oil extraction facility catering to the high-end luxury market through its distinct strains. Here he spearheaded the recent push into the African cannabis market which is considered one of the industry’s most attractive regions for the industry going forward.

Kristian Grant is a horticulturist, certified arborist, gardening expert, and fitness enthusiast with more than 25 years of experience in cannabis horticulture experience. After graduating with a major in landscape design and architecture, Kristian entered the horticulture industry opening several indoor grow operations. A leading spokesperson in the industry, Kristian has been a key advisor to community groups and businesses seeking solutions to growing/propagation techniques and problems. He has offered his expertise and unique services to many of California’s best greenhouses and became recognized locally and nationally as an unparalleled expert on cannabis investments. Kristian joined KKOG as COO to assist spearheading the next revolution in cannabis.