Learn How To Scale Your Gym Quickly Using 6 Simple Automated Systems.

This FREE 'Content Packed' 6-VIDEO Series will walk you through the 6 core-systems,100+ micro-gyms are using to get off the 6-Figure hamster wheel once and for all!


Free 6-Video Series Showcases
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What's included in each video:

The order of implementation

The tools needed

Set-up explanations

Video 1: Let's dive into the 5 clarity and planning activities you can do that will radically increase your speed to result and the efficiency of your efforts.

Video Length: 7:59

Clarity & Planning Systems

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Video 2: Tired of inefficient lead generation and poor sales conversion rates? It might be a problem with your authority. When you master the 5-children of authority your lead flow and sales conversions will increase dramatically!

Video Length: 8:59

Authority Systems

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Video 3: Getting leads into your gym is easy when you use proven lead generation strategies that meet the prospect at the conversation in their head. We will cover what's working in 2019 and how to automate it.

Video Length: 11:59

Lead Generation Systems

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Video 4: Hate selling? When you use proven sales systems and you understand the different mindsets your prospects are in, closing sales is just a matter of identifying the right desire and asking the right questions.

Video Length: 8:59

Sales Generation Systems

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Video 5: Want to 10X your client retention? It all starts with bulletproof onboarding and controlling the client journey from start to finish. Learn how we are turning a $399 initial investment into a $3500 lifetime value almost every time.

Video Length: 16:59

Onboarding Systems

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Video 6: Ready to grow? this video will show you the 6-stages of escape velocity and how to finally get off the 6-figure hamster wheel and scale your business like a BOSS.

Video Length: 10:49

Growth & Scalability Systems

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A few words about the instructor:

Brian Devlin

Brian Devlin is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Fitness Launch Formula, a 7-figure fitness business owner, and the founder of Onboard Me™, a relationship management and marketing automation software for fitness coaches.

Recently, Brian started an implementation program called The Fit Pro Lab™, which helps fitness coaches scale their revenue and enjoy more free time using automated systems.


What are clients saying?

After using Brian's systems in my gym, I went from renting and struggling to make ends meet to purchasing my building and taking a 6-week dream vacation to Italy in 2018!

Brian Douglas

Sweatshop Union In Ontario Canada

After using the systems in Brian's Fit Pro Lab I was able to open a second location and build a loyal team of trainers and clients from another state!


Vitality Fitness and Wellness, MD

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