Do you need to be empowered, inspired and transformed to manage and relieve stress?


Join us for a hybrid transformational workshop (virtual and in-person):

Our workshop would offer you:

  • Connection to self, others and the sacred
  • Emotional resilience and cultivating gratitude
  • Assertive communication and boundary setting
  • Increased synergy and team flow
  • Finding your shared purpose
  • Isolation, loneliness and fear
  • Coping with the daily emotional roller coaster of living through a global pandemic
  • Financial insecurity
  • Loss of identity, worthiness, self-value and purpose
  • Productivity, lack of trust, conflict resolution, team cohesion and effective communication

COVID and the worldwide lockdown took all of us by surprise:

We understand that you're FRUSTRATED.



Many of you are confused and at a crossroads as to what lies ahead for you.

But it ends here. Right now.

What does living a limitless life mean to you?

- Happiness

- Peace

- Freedom

Whatever you get in life is directly proportional to how you think and how you respond to that experience.

This goes for stress as well. It is important that we have stress coping mechanisms in place to help us navigate these turbulent times effectively.

People are struggling to operate effectively - increasing workloads and remote communication platforms are causing unique conflict and trust challenges.

Juggling working from home, family demands and living with huge levels of uncertainty and instability result in high stress levels with a low capacity to do anything about it.

Our collective challenges are:

”I look after myself more.”

“Understanding what stress can be and the different forms of a support system.”

“That I need to practice the things I know already and new things learned.”

“That self-care is not a linear process and impacts on various aspects of your life.”

"The one thing that I’ve taken from the workshop is to hold myself with kindness and care, even when I don’t feel like I ‘deserve’ it at that moment. Speaking to myself as I would to my child."

“My self-belief and self-confidence has got better after attending this workshop.”

What previous delegates have said:

When: Thursday, 12 November; Saturday 14 November and; Tuesday 17 November

Where: LE RÊVE Day Spa, Bryanston (Saturday) and online

The 4 Benefits of Applying the Self-care Tripod Model

Creating meaningful connection and a proven recipe to help you manage stress

Benefit 1

Personal mastery methods to fortify your positivity and insulate your creativity

Benefit 2

Increasing trust, productivity and communication

Benefit 3

A powerful sense of integration, wholeness and alignment with self, others and the sacred

Benefit 4

Meet Your Facilitators

My team and I chose to consciously create something ABSOLUTELY life-changing, right here in Jozi, for those of you that seek to come out of this pandemic with more clarity, light and connection to source than ever before.

Leigh Joy

Leigh Joy helps individuals, teams and organisations turn uncertainty into certainty, self-sabotage into self-care and adversity into triumph!

“I've learnt the power of authentic connection to myself, my tribe and the sacred and I 'm not an island and that we live in fellowship and communion with us. Who I surround myself with is an indication of my self-love.”

Lauren guides individuals and teams to achieve their full potential through identifying critical success behaviours and mastering these in order to maximise their performance.

“I've come to understand the value and importance of care partners and that it is ok to ask for help.”

Lauren Turner

Yoke van Dam

Yoke is a mindset disruptor of leaders and teams, improving staff engagement, culture, and productivity.

“I'm engaging in less gossip, setting up healthier boundaries and deciding who're close friends and who aren’t and treating people in the appropriate way.”

We are so excited by the launch of this workshop

Normally, we only work with corporates, but decided to create this 3-session high performance and stress management transformational program to help any other driven, ambitious, disciplined individuals build stronger mental performance too.

Are you anxious or just frustrated about where you are in your life right now?

Here are just some of the amazing highlights you can expect from this life-changing transformational program:

Journey over 3 sessions with the most inspiring and like-minded people: make friends for life.

Inclusive of:

Breakfast, lunch and tea

Yoga session to start the day

Teachings, immersions activities and-comprehensive self-care tripod model workbook

30 minute massage on the day

Secret surprises

Tools to consistently create a ripple effect of self-care in your life

With your active engagement you're guaranteed to walk away with:

A new-found love-based relationship with yourself and others.

A fresh approach to starting each day with intentions as your guiding principle.

Clarity, peace and focus to bring about your hearts desires.

Deep-set gratitude for every precious moment of being alive.

The ability and intention to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis.

An understanding of the gift that you are and what you bring to the world!

Join our Priority Booking List to make sure you get in on what will be, without a doubt, the highlight and turning point for your 2020

Bring Back the Sparkle

Join the Priority Booking List

3 hybrid sessions - A total of 15 hours valued at R5 600
Complimentary secret surprises valued at R6 280.

Total value: R11 880

Enrol Now!

When: Thursday, 12 November; Saturday 14 November and; Tuesday 17 November

Where: LE RÊVE Day Spa, Bryanston (Saturday) and online

Limited seating: R5 600


Thursday 12 November 19h00 – 20h00 – Online

Meet your facilitators and get to know your fellow workshop participants

Introduction to the Self-care tripod model

Walk through the whole workshop journey outline

Saturday 14 November 08h30-18h00 – LE RÊVE Day Spa – Bryanston

08h30 – Registration

09h00- Yoga

09h45 – Breakfast

10h30 – Welcome

11h00 – Part 1 of self-care tripod: Self-care

11h45 – Tea

12h00 – Part 2 of self-care tripod model – Tribe care (1)

12h45 – Tea break

13h00 – Part 2 of self-care tripod model – Tribe care (2)

13h45 – Lunch

14h45 – Part 3 of self-care tripod model – Sacred care

15h30 – Tea and cake

16h00 – Massages

Tuesday 17 November 19h00 – 20h00 - Online

Check in and feedback

Enrol Now!

3 hybrid sessions - A total of 15 hours valued at R5 600 Complimentary secret surprises valued at R6 280. Total value: R11 880

Limited seating: R5 600

If you need further information, or would just like to chat, reach out to Leigh Joy on 079 525 8991 or