Attention Passionate Coaches and Consultants...

Do you want to grow your business by working with fabulous corporate clients?


with the easy, simple and fast way to convert more corporate prospects into delighted clients without having to:

  • spending months trying to build a “special relationship”,
  • wasting hours on “giving value” in a vain attempt to establish your authority (no one reads those emails unless they already know you)
  • positioning yourself as an expert on social media with thought pieces and “come-and-like-me” posts that get zero attention from your prospects

Land those HIGH PAYING Corporate Clients even if

  • you have no inside contacts
  • you have never worked in a corporation
  • you hate doing icky sales calls
Yes, I Need This!

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer, author, speaker or entrepreneur, you already know WHY working with corporate clients is the holy grail for growing your business:

Working with just one large or medium sized business can give you 10-100 times the income you get from working with individual clients.

You don’t have to keep marketing to thousands but can focus on a selected few high-paying clients.

More Income

Less Marketing

Internal and external referral networks from corporates work like a magic potion to get you new clients (almost) on demand

Referral Magic

Here's the market opportunity for you:

  • US corporations alone spend over $88bn a year ago and
  • The global training market is set to grow by $54bn between 2020 and 2024
  • yes, even in these crazy and uncertain times, companies are spending money on trainers, coaches and consultants

The hardest part in winning corporate clients is…


It always starts out so well...

You go through a fabulous discovery call, they seem so interested, telling you what you offer is exactly what they need...

You make a great connection at a company who you’d love to work with...

You gather insights into their challenges and know exactly that you can help them...

They ask you to send in your proposal, then...



So you wait for a week and send a follow up email.


So you pick up the phone.

If you are lucky you get the right person on the phone but they fob you off with

“We’re very busy”

“It’s with Finance for review”

“Some other initiative has priority this week”

“We don’t have the budget right now”


Of course, sometimes you don’t’ even get that far, they’ll just not take your call or return your messages.


So you are left wondering what went wrong...?

Was it something you said? Did you have salad stuck in your teeth in the last video chat?

You see your fabulous opportunity to work with this client trickling away (and with it the income you had mentally spent.)

You’ve even been telling others how excited you are to be working with this cool company…now you avoid their questions about how it’s going.

All the while you see others posting their latest successes of working with companies who are your ideal client.

Posting proof of their 4 and 5 figure months they made working with corporates in your field.

You ponder: what are they doing differently?

What is their magic approach?

...and wonder: CAN IT EVER HAPPEN FOR YOU?

I get it. And with my 20+ years of corporate experience, I can tell you:


  • Be seen as the go-to expert
  • Don't sell, but build strong relationships
  • Give lots of value upfront (aka free stuff for months)

Because the Gurus tell you...

And no one talks about how you make it EASY for your prospect to say yes to your offer!

I know... the proposal seems such a small step in the bigger scheme – because you have already agreed everything, right?


Because of the way how corporate make decisions, proposals play an absolutely crucial part in getting to the yes.

Even seemingly powerful executives can rarely just pull out their pen and sign a contract.

They need a proposal to justify the expenditure and if it’s poorly executed, the doubts set in…:

Is this really the best strategy?


(meaning YOU)

Is this the best provider?

Is this the best value?

(meaning YOUR OFFER)

And that’s when saying yes to your offer goes from a sure thing to “maybe” to a “let’s touch base next quarter


I know that’s how they are thinking because


as Senior manager, VP and CFO in National and International Organisations.

And that is why when I set up my consultancy way back in 2013, I made sure I apply all my insights for writing proposals that I had honed on multimillion dollar projects with Fortune500 companies.

Since then, I have use this very same knowledge to convert 82% of proposal for my own 5 figure offers and for my business clients who have literally won millions of $ in work with the proposal I wrote for them.

Over the years, I have been sharing the tools of how to write winning propals with my business clients and now I want you to have the same results they’ve been enjoying.

Hi, I am Miriam,

Historian by degree, Chartered Accountant by qualification, trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and worked as CFO before creating my successful 6-figure consultancy.

In my corporate life and as a consultant since, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, big ass private corporates and tiny owner managed businesses.

Among others, I wrote the proposal that won one project management client a contract worth $25m, I lead a team that wrote the case to secure $750m funding and I helped a tiny design firm win $1.5m in fees in 2018 alone.


The Ultimate Resource for Proposals that Convert


The science backed, real-world tested system that helps you convert your corporate prospects into excited clients.

The complete toolkit for coaches, consultants, speakers, thought leaders, experts and online entrepreneurs who want to work with corporate clients so they can scale their business and stop trading time for money.

The Proposal Perfection toolkit needs to be part of your arsenal in getting your proposals to stand out. You learn how to avoid costly mistakes. Showcase your proposal for success, so you get tangible results.

Ligia L. Gutierrez, Love Your Mission Coaching & Training



use science backed insights to create proposals that are so compelling that your corporate prospects cannot wait to throw their money at you

avoid the three super common mistakes that mean your proposals sit for ever at the bottom of the to-do list for your prospect until they slide in the (virtual) bin

deal with the biggest objection your client has before they even say it so that it becomes effortless for them to say yes to your proposal

you are never, ever ghosted again by your prospect after you sent your proposal. You will never again experience that “why are they not replying” panic because your proposals will have response-getting powers build right into them

slay the "can you give a discount" or can you reduce the prices because this is the first time we are working with you requests for EVER

Miriam has created THE soup to nuts training on creating proposals! From step by step videos to worksheets to calculators - she has it all to you can create proposals that your clients will actually be happy to read! It truly is Proposal Perfection!"

Karen Grill, Business & ProductivityCoach for female entrepreneurs



Don’t lose them at the start: How to ensure your prospects will actually read it instead of using in paperbin basketball practice. No more ghosting, no more MIA after you send you’re your proposal but excitement to work with you

(I tell you a secret: everyone HATES reading proposals) (value $97)

How to avoid the super common mistake I see people making all the time that gets the ignored or haggled down on price and instead use the science backed tricks that will make your client think they’ve already hired you. (value $97)



Making them feel safe gets you the YES: How to address your prospects biggest fear so that they are happy to hand over their money (no more: we don’t have the budget for this). (value $97)


Giving them the choice gives you control: How to change the prospects thinking from “should we hire you” to “omg, you have exactly what we need” – and get to the yes faster (value $97)


Don’t get stuck at this stage: How to create momentum that is so compelling your prospect cannot help but go ahead with your offer (value $97)


How to smart position your pricing so that your prospect feels they’re getting a bargain and you’re getting the payment you want (and let’s face it: DESERVE!) (value $97)

I highly recommend it to every business owner. I think it's an important resource.

S.J. James, Rainmaker - Risk - Disrupter


  • Downloadable PDF's
  • The Proposal Perfection Template
  • Proposal Perfection Guidance booklet
  • Proposal Perfection Completion Checklist
  • Most Common Business Bias Identification Guide

The Proposal Perfection Toolkit is a corporate client winning resource unlike any other you have seen before.

It is the ultimate Behavioural Science Approved, CFO real-world tested system that has allowed me to win 5-figure corporate client contracts in Financial Services, Professional Firms, Project Management Corporations, Insurance businesses, Marketing firms and Design Agencies even though I had no contacts, no team behind me and an almost allergic reaction to doing "sales-y" pitches.

The toolkit contains the "fill-in-the-blanks" template with detailed, step-by-step guidance that allows you in 90 min or less to create your ultimate compelling proposal, complete with swipe-able phrases and sections to use again and again, to cut your proposal preparation time by 50% but boosting its persuasion power by 100%!

Everything is designed to for maximum ease and speed of applying the tools in your work: while there are 6 Modules guiding your through the template completion, each is 100% results focused, no fluff, just you need to implement right here, right now.




Bonus 1: ROI Calculator (valued at $197)

The powerful tool that lets you calculate the financial benefit your work will bring to your client, no matter how intangible your service. Showing clients exactly what they can expect from hiring you is the one killer move that convinces prospects more than your decades of expertise, lists of qualification or sparkling personality. This has been identified as the key convincer by more than one of my $50,000 clients

The ultimate resource to make a case for why your client should hire you. Back up the intangible benefits you bring with solid facts, figures and research that persuade even the most hard-nosed CFO to spend money on your offer. (I should know, I was one of them for international corporations!)

Bonus 2: Persuasive Statistics Swipe File & Industry trend report (valued at $67)

Battle proven, success tested ways you can disarm and dis-charm any objections your prospect might have. You can use these in your conversations, emails, proposal documents, pitches and even your marketing. (Using statistics like these has helped one client secure a contract worth $15m for their project management firm)

Special Bonus: The 7 Most Effective Ways to Slay Objections to your offer eBook, incl swipe phrases to use(valued at $37)

The total VALUE of this offer is over $800 ($831 actually for those who are counting...)

But for a limited time I am giving this away for the crazy low price of

JUST $247*

It’s only been 36 hrs [since starting] but I am already seeing results!

(Sanji P. Marketing Strategiest)

If you need to submit a proposal to win work, this course will help you write one that actually gets read!

(Rebecca Morgan, Choose Awesome Coaching)

Yes, I Need This!

*why this crazy-low price? I could wax lyrical about how I want to make a difference in the world, save the whales and support the children... And I do want to do all of that, but the real reason is not this... (read on below to find out my secret plan!)

I going to come right out and say it:

Proposal Perfection is not your typical online program, template or resource.

To start with, I forbid you to get if you’re not willing to put in the work.

Put in the work.

Apply the system.

Get the clients.

This toolkit it far too amazing to be sitting on a (virtual) shelf to be gathering dust.

I know what you are thinking: that there’s a gazillion other ways for you to become a proposal converting genius! I mean, all you need is a few books and access to Google right?!

And there’s not forgetting the other awesome courses and coaches that are out there too!

You're Right!

You could go hire a coach (expensive?), or sign up to another program, or dive into the many great books that are in existence...


And I promise you that it will completely annihilate the need for anything else.

Prosposal Perfection is THE ONLY course that helps you get to grips with the whole proposal process using proven science and real-world success-tested methods that have converted 82% of my proposals in 7 years!

In the past, these insights and tools were reserved for corporate clients of my 6-figure-consultancy, but now, for the first time it's available to experts like you

I want you to have this, because, as you see the results rolling in, I want to continue our conversation.

I want to have your permission to keep talking so that together we can make an impact, save the whales and protect the children!

I am giving PROPOSAL PERFECTION away for this crazy price of $47 because it's part of my secret plan to completely blow you away with the value you get.

I want your jaw to hit the keyboard as you open Proposal Perfection for the first time, being amazed by the value-spewing goodness it contains and the mind-boggling results you can get.

I want to give you so much value that you start looking over your shoulder for the Police because you feel like you just got away with the steal of the decade.

I know the system works.

So do my clients. But you don’t know this yet and I want you to have the chance to find it out for yourself – without risk.

Proposal Perfection comes with my 100% no-messing-you-around guarantee.

That means if you are unhappy, unsure or unlikely to ever use it, I insist that you ask for your money back.

Seriously, I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few bucks, go ahead and try Proposal Perfection for 7 days and if you don’t like it just shoot me an email within 7 days and I will happily refund you every single cent, penny or yuan.

I won't ask you awkward question, insist you show me what work you did or mess you around in any way - just straight refunds.

I am so confident that you will be wowed by what Proposal Perfection can to do for you that I want to make it easy for you to say yes.

Not only am I offering this at a crazy low price, I am also happy to take ALL the risk!

You could spend the money for Proposal Perfection on a dinner and a drink (but no desert) and take the risk that it'll be tasty but it won't bring in any corporate clients.


You could invest $37 in Proposal Perfection, with all the risks on me, and give yourself the chance of charging $4,000 per day training corporate client (my actual day rate for single day workshops)

The Proposal Perfection program needs to be part of your arsenal in getting your proposals to stand out among the rest. If you are a novice in trying to work with corporates or you are experienced , you will benefit from this program.

Ligia L. Gutierrez, Love Your Mission Coaching & Training


The way I see it is this...You Have 3 Options:

Do Nothing


Stay as you are, keep sending out your proposals, throwing your precious time at the wall to see if anything sticks...

Does that appeal to you? Right now, I think we both know it does not


Do It Alone

You can keep watching trainings by marketing gurus (they are good at selling – to you!), work your way through your business books (great ideas in there) and try to grasp some snippets so you can do a little better...

But I am guessing just “better” isn’t really good enough!


Get Proposal Perfection

Get, no STEAL my unique Business Bias Eradicator system to squash all your prospect’s objections and get you the yes from your prospect.

So you never again have to wonder what it will take to shift the needle in your business.

Honestly, only of of those options make sense - there is really zero risk and so much to gain.

Get proposal Perfection while I continue to be out of my mind to sell it at

JUST $247!

How does this sound?

Module 1: Slay the Status Quo bias (value $97)

Module 2: Don’t be a commodity (value $97)

Module 3: Making them feel safe gets you the YES (value $97)

Module 4: Giving them the choice gives you control (value $97)

Module 5: Don’t get stuck now (value $97)

Module 6: Size does matter (value $97)

Proposal Template Completion Toolkit (value $212)

Special Bonus: The 7 Most Effective Ways to Slay Objections to your offer eBook, incl swipe phrases to use (valued at $37)



Yes, I Need This!

I think we are done here... JUST KIDDING!


Today for just $247

Here are answers to all your deepest darkest questions that you have about Proposal Perfection:


  • How fast can I expect to see results? You can put the learning to use immediately and see results in the very next proposal you send in
  • What if I have a very particular niche? This approach works for any niche, topic or industry.
  • I’m used to working face-to-face, does Proposal Perfection still work? Yes – because this is not about selling a particular service or course. The genius of Proposal Perfection is all about helping your prospective client to make a decision and take action to work with you.
  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? Getting you results is what I am all about. I am always contactable via email and respond in a jiffy (or a jaffy if it’s the weekend)
  • I haven't sold to corporates yet. Do I need this? The question is not whether you have never sold to coporates or tons of times -the question is what kind of conversion rate you'd like to aim for. Is it anywhere near 82% on average? Proposal Perfection can help.
  • Is everything available immediately? Yes
  • How long can I keep it for? It is yours for life (or as long as the internet exists)
  • Can I share this with a friend? I know sharing is caring but so is respecting the hours of hard work that have gone into creating this product. Each copy of Proposal Perfection is for a single user – if you like your friend to benefit from it, feel free to buy another copy!
  • What if it’s not what I expect? Is there a guarantee? Absolutely, there’s a guarantee. In fact, if you are anything but 100% delighted with Proposal Perfection, I insist that you get in touch within 7 days and get a full refund.
  • I don’t have the time to learn theories. I am glad you say that! Theory is important – but without action, it’s TBU (True but useless). Everything you’ll learn in Proposal Perfection has been tried and tested in my own proposals and my clients’.
  • There are tons of free templates out there! True, there are tons. And tons. And I am sure you have tried one or two… how did that work out? I am guessing not that great, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.
  • I have a unique offer that does not fit a template. Proposal Perfection is not a template. It’s a system, a unique approach using behavioural science to tap into your prospects brain wiring and help them see through their own biases, cut through the overwhelm, help them make a decision and motivate them to take action.
  • The proposal is just a formality – everything is agreed. In an ideal work, that’d be enough. You agree with your prospect what they need and how you can help them – and then get to work. Unfortunately, that’s not how corporates buy services. In their more drawn-out process, there are plenty of opportunities for them to change their mind, to doubt, to re-think and delay or deny. That is why you need Proposal Perfection: to help them make a decision and to motivate them to take action.
  • I need more than a mini-course… Great stuff. Because a mini-course is NOT what you are getting. In reality, you’re getting my unique system to up your proposal acceptance rate to 82%, with lessons, tools, templates and files. It’s my full system, compacted and ready to go!
  • How is this different to all the advice I can get for free on the internet? I heard once that if enough monkeys hit enough pianos for long enough, they’d be able to play Moonlight Sonata eventually. You’re no monkey. And you don’t have 20 years to monkey around trying to extract a few gold nuggets from the internet at large. You’re basically getting my 5 years of behavioral science research, combined with my 20 years of business and coated with my 7 years of proposal-crafting.•
  • How do I know this will work…? Let me be honest with you…My system works if you work. I know this for a fact because of the successes that my clients have achieved and the results I have had myself using them. But will they work for you?That is $1 million question and it really depends on the proposals you craft using this system. If you’re unhappy with my system, my face or my funny accent I’ll refund you within the 7-day guarantee period. Deal?

Save yourself time and effort by following Miriam's expert knowledge, so your proposal is in front of the competition. Proposal Perfection is more than a step by step howto. You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes. Showcase your proposal for success, so you get

tangible results.

Ligia L. Gutierrez, Love Your Mission Coaching & Training


You know the value of working with companies, the difference it will make to your business to sell 5, 10 20 seats in your course at a time, or have that group of executives as your long-term coaching clients.

Reaching your revenue goal so much quicker.

Getting referrals within and out a company, again and again.

Being able to proudly reference a prestigious companies as your clients and put the logo of a household name on your website…

You have all the knowledge and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of these people and the only thing standing between you and converting those precious corporate clients is not having the right system in place.

So now it’s up to you.

You can try to figure all this out your own, and complain and grumble about the slow progress, the uncharted territories and the sheer frustration of trying to piece together a million things.

Or you can take me up on the promise by Proposal Perfection.

So stop wasting time and effort and start bringing your offers and service into a bigger world and feel the pride of being able to add the names of prestigious companies to your client list.

Let’s get started!

Miriam x


Yes, I Need This!

Module 1: Slay the Status Quo bias (value $97)

Module 2: Don’t be a commodity (value $97)

Module 3: Making them feel safe gets you the YES (value $97)

Module 4: Giving them the choice gives you control (value $97)

Module 5: Don’t get stuck now (value $97)

Module 6: Size does matter (value $97)

Proposal Template Completion Toolkit (value $212)

Special Bonus: The 7 Most Effective Ways to Slay Objections to your offer eBook, incl swipe phrases to use (valued at $37)




Today for just $247

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