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Tilt is a personality assessment tool that lets you grow a culture where people love to work

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  • Connect with your employees' well being
  • Manage stress from transitions
  • Develop your leaders to be agile during change

How Tilt helps you build an amazing remote work culture


Serious Science, Playfully Deployed. Character influences well-being, job performance for both individuals and organizations.

Award Winning personality assessments based on 12 key character traits.



Experts on demand. Tilt has over 600 partners to meet your demands, from small business to enterprise.

Culture is a journey. The Tilt framework is a tool that allows you to continually grow culture over time.


What is Tilt?

Who uses Tilt?

Fresh, relevant personality and team assessments that grow a culture where people love to work.

  • 90,000+ professionals
  • 2,000+ teams
  • 900+ organizations

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