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About Webinar

One of the industry's leading regulatory specialists, Sharan Sidhu, discusses the differences between major beverage categories and government regulations at play in the Canadian beverage market. This webinar focuses on many of the regulations and complexities surrounding cannabis beverages. In addition, it touches on the compliance and processes associated with TMALS, Supplemented Foods, and Novel Foods.


What You'll Learn

This webinar is designed for anyone interested in learning more about:

The complexities of product development in cannabis beverages

The amendment to the Cannabis Regulations and Cannabis Beverages in Canada

The opportunities for cannabis beverages in Canada

Supplemented Foods and the opportunities to develop a market for beverages with added vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts

The process of Temporary Market Authorizations and the implications of pre-market authorization on beverage products

Novel Foods and the complexities of introducing a new food to the Canadian market


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About Speaker

Sharan Sidhu, CSO & Regulatory Affairs, Pacific Rim Innovations

Sharan Sidhu is a seasoned professional that has spent the majority of her career helping brand holders take projects from concept to commercialization. She has a deep understanding of the impact of regulatory directives on product development and innovation and by applying regulatory rigor and scientific acumen she has successfully steered the development of safe, effective and high quality products. She has bridged the gap between science and industry and has worked with several institutions and granting bodies. Sharan has served as a regulatory specialists for several industries including Cannabis, Natural Health Products, Foods, Cosmetics, Pet and Pest Management, is an advisor to many boards and assists with several industry associations.

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