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Join the 4-Day Mini Cleanse and Reset Your Health

  • Do you feel low energy, bloated, tired, or suffer from breakouts?
  • Is your libido low and your mind super fuzzy?
  • Do you want to sleep better, have clearer skin, and feel full of life?

A 4-Day Mini Cleanse is Your Ultimate Reset...

Just like you, I’ve suffered so many times from feeling bloated, tired, achy, and had BAD breakouts--the types you do NOT want to read here

Toxins all over our environment can cause us to feel allergies, sensitivities, inflammation, & overall bad. They’re in what we eat & drink, the products we use & even in the air we breathe.

I’ve found that it’s SUPER important to do a regular detox to release toxins and give the organs a chance to reset. My first cleanse was in 2007 and what an eye-opener!!!

The 4-Day Mini Cleanse will clean you out to help your body burn fat, reduce inflammation, and boost your organs to work at 100%.

Let’s get those toxins out of the way so you can be your most beautiful self!

Are you ready to feel amazing & be glowing with health?


What if you could look YEARS younger… Naturally?

A mini cleanse is the way!

Give your body a chance to heal itself with the ultimate easy steps to regeneration.

  • Eat clean – and enjoy it!
  • Prep for ultimate detox success
  • Make detox easy with simple plans especially for BUSY people
  • Stay away from tricky toxins with delicious recipes

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Maria Horstmann, MBA, CPT, PNL1, IRC

Founder/Owner of

Maria is a transformational speaker, a holistic health and insulin resistance coach, a personal trainer, and a corporate wellness consultant . Her mission to help busy professionals, go-getters, with a desire to lose WEIGHT, reclaim their ENERGY, and build their physical and mental STRENGTH to DO more, LIVE more, and EXPAND their QUALITY of life.

Maria worked 20+ years in Corporate America, reversed her own pre-diabetes, chronic digestive and G.I. issues. Her journey of healing, purpose, and passion lead her to a career change. She develops/implements experiences to address the root cause of health imbalances. Whether her clients need mindset shifts, build a nutritional template and better habits, manage stress, improve sleep and fitness, Maria provides guidance/knowledge, accountability, support, and tools to help them set and achieve their goals. She serves her clients online or in-person (Atlanta, GA).

Michelle S.

In less than a month Maria helped me clean up my health and stop my bad eating habits! I have lost 11.5 pounds and counting!! I feel better, have more energy and sleep better!

It’s a great feeling when you have someone there to coach and guide you in the right direction. If you are looking for someone to help you get healthy, talk to Maria, she’s awesome!!

Maria will help you change your life! She helped me change mine and was an incredible motivator, listener, and coach.

I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off with the habits I developed working with Maria, but more importantly, I have gained an entirely new appreciation for myself and a confidence that has improved many aspects of my life. She’s the best!!!

Mary S.

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