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You are as serious as we are to solve a huge global problem where 85,000 business close every day!

You have the same dream that every individual has unique and has the same right to build a successful business!

You are committed as we are to generate the ideal ingredients for each individual to become a successful businessman or woman!

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Social Viral Economy ?

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Bizmoni Social Viral Economy

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The new revolutionary E-Trading Platform

Bizmoni has done all the work for you and announced a leadership wake-up call to focus on your soft skills and build up your business.

1. No need for you to be code or configure;

2. No need for you to do what machines can do faster and better;

3. No need for you to establish priorities and spend time on consuming tasks.

The rules for succeeding in business are changing daily. More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they also need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with their customers and peers.

From showing empathy and optimism to extreme self-awareness to knowing what's going on around them, these vital competencies are an integral part of a progressive business. They fall under the umbrella of soft skills or emotional intelligence (EI) skills tightly woven into our leadership mentality .

Hence, time is the most valuable asset you have! Spend it judiciously...

Bizmoni a Zero No Code Solution!

The Elevator Pitch

The problem


The Solution


We live in a world where there is NO equal opportunities for every individual to own a successful business. Every year 43 million individuals give it a try but only 25% still stand at the end of that same year and only 0,5% is still running after 5 years. Every day we are facing the closure of 85000 business.

Social Viral Economy where every and each individual has equal opportunities and conditions to build a successful business with almost no capital requirements.

Unique Selling Proposition


The Research


Social Viral Economy where every and each individual has the right to own a successful business.

Research conducted by the big consulting companies and our own research have shown that +50% existing business would be freely willing to leave their existing solutions and switch to a solution such as Bizmoni +70% startups is willing to go with a solution such as Bizmoni.

The Team


The Numbers


Young and Senior Experienced Team with proven track records that combines the best.

Show Team

Our financial business model estimates

in worst case scenario EBITDA rates between 80% and 90% and a long term revenue generation capacity in the hundred billions of Euros with considerable company valuations with many multiples. For more insight contact us.

The Offering:

Bizmoni Corp. is making this offering under a Private Placement Memorandum and is selling up to 10% of the Company series A1 common voting right stock to a group of selected investors. To apply for and know the details of the offering, we kindly request you to fill out a form upon which you will be contacted within 24 hours to setup a meeting and discuss further.

The Social Viral Economy


100x more sales compared to the industry standard. This is a must to build a successful business.

+30% less operational costs means more money in your pocket.


Why do the work that machines can do for you."2019 Mckinsey report shows that SME's spend today 74% of their time on non core business activities".


"Revolutionary, one Click all"


Our Milestones



  • Founders Funding (1 Founder)
  • Friend Fools Family Funding or 3F (29 Investors)
  • Market Research
  • Company Incorporation
  • Branding and Product Development
  • Presentation Materials
  • Website
  • Domains
  • International Trade Mark
  • Patent (Code) other Pending
  • UX/UI Development
  • MVP
  • Prototype
  • TEAM (Board, Advisors, Executives)
  • Business Partners
  • Live Membership Launch
  • Series A1 Funding (Sale 10% Company)
  • Going Live (1 country)
  • Series A2 Funding (Sale 10% Company)
  • Full Production Launch (Regional several countries)
  • Series A 3 Funding (Sale 10% Company)
  • Full Expansion (Continental several)
  • Series B 1 Public Offering (Sale 10% Company)
  • Full Business Offer Expansion

The Roadmap

Founders Funding

March 2016

December 2016

Friend Fools Family Funding (3F)

May 2017

Market Research

28 September 2018

Bizmoni Company Incorporation

November 2018

Branding Product Development

Domains, EU Trademark

January 2019

April 2019

May 2019

Presentation Materials

Board, Executives, Advisors

UX/UI Interface

July 2019


September 2019

Business Partners

November 2019

International Trademark

December 2019

Limited Live Membership Launch

January 2020

Private Placement Series A1

February 2020

Live Version

September 2020

Our Investors

Davy Man
Hong Kong

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy creates equal opportunities for every individual!

Alvaro Cifuentes

Francisco Bernabeu

Bruno Nunes

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy will change the way we buy, sell and do business!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy will provide financial freedom to every individual with minimal effort!

Bizmoni is in forefront of the Social Viral Economy providing every individual with the needed tools to own a business.

Jose Corona

Every Individual has a fair opportunity in the Bizmoni Social Viral Economy!

Mauro Cortez

Agustin Nevoa

Aro Tong
Hong Kong

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy has the power to change how the economy runs today!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy will connect every individual and business in real time!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is the next Unicorn that will change our lives!

Pham Tie

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy gives you Real time Cash Flow projections!

Sara Ferreira

Ricardo Rodrigues

Jose Palma

With Bizmoni Social Viral Economy you create long lasting business relations!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is made for every individual!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy reduces your operational cost!

VG Anonymous

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy enables you to work from any place!

KC Anonymous
Hong Kong

CC Anonymous
Hong Kong

YL Anonymous
Hong Kong

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy never stops, runs 24h every day!

Bizmoni Social Viral economy i will help the most needed!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is the perfect sales machine!

LH Anonymous

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy will give you access to fair prices!

WC Anonymous

PM Anonymous

Rafik Kogayan

With Bizmoni Social Viral Economy accounting is done for you automatically!

With Bizmoni Social Viral Economy your payments are secured!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is one of a kind solution!

Erik Shake Shaft
United Kingdom

I always believed in the Bizmoni Social Viral Economy !

Jose Graca

Hasmik Navalyan

Carlos Pereira
Hong Kong

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy makes dreams come true!

With Bizmoni Social Viral Economy you are more efficient!

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy has a unique technology setup!

Eugenio Quintiliano

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is one of a kind life changer!

Philippe Haquenne

With Bizmoni Social Viral Economy banking is made easy!

Denis Babel

Bizmoni Social Viral Economy is able to create Economic Zones!

Could be You

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