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Simplilearn is a world leading certification training provider that has a comprehensive Administrator & Platform App Builder training course. Simplilearn offers live online classroom training and self-paced training based on the principle of “learn by doing”. The course is taught on the Salesforce platform to gain hands-on experience and also offers 4 real-world industry projects to implement on Salesforce.

Get your team’s work organised in Salesforce with Taskfeed. 100% Salesforce native task and project management means you can customize and automate Taskfeed in the same way you do with Salesforce. Designed with Process Builder in mind you can embed Taskfeed in any record page layout and automate creation of projects and tasks. Create Taskfeed Boards to organise projects, processes, team work or Salesforce requests. Start your 30-day free trial today!

10% off Online Classroom Flexi Pass – Use BEN10

25% off Self Passed Learning – Use BEN25

20% off Taskfeed for life when you sign up on the AppExchange with the code Salesforce_Ben__c (remember the double underscore!)


Geopointe is one of the top 10 Apps on the Salesforce AppExchange! This native Salesforce application location-enables your data allowing Customers to gain spatial insights via maps and apply geography to business processes. Use Geopointe to transform your salesforce data into business insights. Search, analyze, route, take action, and much more.

 You will quickly learn how our premier geo-mapping solution empowers businesses to save time, increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

Scan – Our scanning solution is the fastest and best way to import business cards into Salesforce with your Android or Apple device. Best-in-class text recognition, automatic card rotation to process as a Lead or Contact, custom fields available, and optional marketing or task automation.

Mapping – Map Accounts, Contacts, Leads and custom objects with Google maps. Create data-driven maps and visualize Salesforce data on a map. Geocode with Google maps, route optimization with trip planner, heat maps, territory mapping and trip planner.

Special 3 month trial by signing up here

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Immediately see and update Salesforce data from inside your desktop and mobile inbox, eliminating the time-consuming task of switching back and forth between emails and Salesforce.Our goal is to improve the way salespeople work by putting the information they need where they need it.

Discount – 20% off your first year by signing up via this link.