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Pardot offers two certifications: Specialist & Consultant.

Here's how you can gain both of them.

Pardot Specialist
Pardot Consultant

Pardot Specialist

The Pardot Specialist Exam is a key milestone in your Marketing Automation career.

It's designed to test your familiarity with the Pardot tool, designing automation, basic troubleshooting and awareness of the native integrations.

Hear about my story, and my tips on how to pass first time.

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Pardot Consultant

The Pardot Consultant Exam focuses more on applying your Pardot knowledge to a range of different business use cases.

You need to know Pardot both in depth and breadth, to design and implement solutions that are maintainable and scalable.

This content will point you in the right direction to kick-start your study.


Every Pardot/Marketing Cloud Account/Salesforce Instance (Account) is unique and different.

Our blog is intended to demonstrate what is possible with the Salesforce (Marketing) Platform and explain technical concepts in a simple way. Any guidelines for configuration given should be conferred with all relevant parties before taking action. Salesforce advises that changes and configurations to your Salesforce org must be implemented and maintained by your Admin team.

Finally, The DRIP (Salesforceben) does not assume any liability for any changes made to an org/account. Sandbox testing is recommended prior to making changes to Salesforce production orgs.