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Introducing Hyperstealth's Patent-Pending Declipse Technology

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Hyperstealth is postponing our planned July 1st public demonstrations of our patent pending Quantum Stealth (Light Bending Material) as the U.S. Department of Defense has entered into high level discussions with Hyperstealth about acquisition of the technology.

This also affects our SolarStealth, Ghostech, Declipse, Holowals, Deceptec, Invisible4ce, Military4ce, Police4ce, Ghost4ce, HoloDecoy and Holo4ce as all of these patent pending technologies are included in the potential acquisition.

Important Notice

Shadows are the Kryptonite of the
Solar Energy Industry

Current solar technology is not reaching anything close to the potential it could reach.

One key problem that hinders the solar power technology is the presence of shadows.

Any time you see a shadow across a solar panel, there is loss of most of the potential power.

Thankfully, we can now recover much of this loss.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. has found a way to reduce shadows and increase the power of solar energy where shadows occur.

Watch as Hyperstealth CEO Guy Cramer describes Declipse Technology and what it can accomplish.

On July 1 we will be demonstrating this technology to the public.

It will truly be a new day for how we look at solar energy.


The Advantage of Declipse Technology

Reduce Shadows

Shadows on a solar panel are a missed opportunity to capture solar energy. Declipse maximizes the energy that is captured by substantially reducing shadows.

Maximize Existing Solar Panels

Our material can reduce any shadows by 80-90%. This could allow current newly developed 3D solar tower technology from MIT to reach its true potential.

Improve 3D Solar Towers

Solar panels and 3D Solar towers could be able to be spaced together much tighter when our Declipse material is present. You should be able to get more panels per acre by a lot.

Declipse Has Been Demonstrated To The:

Canadian Armed Forces

US Department of Defense

Australian Armed Forces

Here's the Impact Our Technology Could Make in the World

What You Need to Know About Declipse

Less Shadow Means More Power

Shadows are detrimental to power output, even a small shadow caused by a branch, electrical wire or even a neighboring solar panel too close to another to cause a shadow cast over the second panel can decrease the overall output. Even a shadow covering only 3% of the solar panel can reduce output on panels connected in series (typical installations) by 25% and a shadow of 9% can cause a power loss of 54% as bypass diodes used in typical PV arrays connected in series reroute current around the shaded area of the solar panels.

These cause the overall voltage to drop. For just a single solar panel the drop in power output for a small shadow can be over 90%. Declipse can reduce shadows by 80% or more, thereby providing a solution to numerous location issues to limit the power loss due to those shadows.

A Missing Component Now Fulfilled

MIT recently developed 3D Solar Tower technology that they hope has the potential to increase global solar power generation into the Terawatt scale.

In 2015, the world total solar power output was just above 250 gigawatts. In 2018, solar power is somewhere in the 400-500 Gigawatt range worldwide ( a Terawatt is 1000 Gigawatts). The problem is that their plan is the shadow factor.

Hyperstealth has provided the solution for this. These 3D solar towers cannot be placed next to each other to replace flat panel solar farms as their shadows cause so much power loss on the surrounding towers that it is not a viable alternative, until Declipse came along!

By combining Hyperstealth's Declipse technology with multiple 3DPV Solar Panel towers (3DPV Farms), the initial assessment by MIT researchers of the real possibility of Terawatt Generation may now be achievable.

Greenhouse Adaptability

Greenhouse owners lament about the loss of growing power due to shadows from irrigation and above infrastructure.

Our material should increase growing yields because our ability to reduce many of these shadows.

Power Entire Cities?

If you have seen the HBO Documentary, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution, you know how the potential energy we can gain from the sun could power entire cities.

We believe that harnessing solar energy is critical for the future of our civilization and our ever-growing population.

More Energy and More Jobs

The Solar Energy sector creates more jobs in the U.S. than any other industry at a rate 17 times faster than the U.S. economy, based off one of the most recent census published in 2018 by The Solar Foundation. One in 50 new U.S. jobs is now in the Solar Sector. As countries worldwide commit to reduction of carbon emission and extra taxes are being added onto carbon based fuels, solar power is poised to fill in the need for clean, renewable, and carbon-free power.

With wind and hydro power confined to large government or corporate programs, solar power is unique when it comes to renewable, clean energy - solar energy can be incorporated by the individual homeowner. Another benefit is that any excess power captured not required by the home can be put back into the overall electrical grid, usually as a credit going back to the homeowner.

Could the individual homeowner also capitalize on the new 3D Solar Towers utilizing our Declipse technology instead of flat solar panels to improve their power requirements? Could it also potentially add extra credit for adding excess to the overall electrical grid and possibly reduce the time to pay off the initial investment to add solar power to the home? This is our hope.

"We did not reinvent solar power. We just solved the shadow issue. We will soon begin to see how solar technology could begin to fulfill its potential."
-Guy Cramer, Hyperstealth CEO

Here's Our Plan For This Technology


We complete our final patent application and file it prior to our launch securing the intellectual property rights to several new technologies.


Depending on acquisition decision by the government, we will be launching the product at a future date. We will be revealing to the public how our patent-pending technology works.


Declipse will not be for sale from Hyperstealth. We will work with Fortune 500 companies that also meet strict criteria to license our patent-pending technologies, ensuring the best products are created.

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