Starting May 18, 2020

Lockdown 2020 Virtual Bootcamp

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 6pm

*More class times may be available with enough interest

Are you ready for LIVE, online group training classes you can do from anywhere, with very little equipment?

The perfect solution for staying fit while staying home during a global pandemic.

Get Fit. Have Fun. Repeat.

You need the ability to workout from home, and Body Physics is ready to help you meet your goals with individualized coaching, community, and FUN!

Get Healthy & Fit While You're Stuck Inside With Our Live Workouts!

If "Self-Quarantine" and "Social Distancing" have you feeling cooped up, isolated, stir crazy, and a little stressed, I can help!

We're in This Together!

To say the coronavirus has changed our day-to-day lives is an understatement!

You're feeling trapped at home … bored … overwhelmed … and not sure what’s next.

You know what will happen to MOST people, right?

Healthy habits will begin to slip … old patterns will start to emerge … or maybe they even create some NEW (not so good) habits (hello, couch & chips!).

It won’t be long before they start to notice the consequences … and end up feeling sluggish, bloated, and blah!

It does NOT have to be that way.

In fact, I actually believe we can use this as an AMAZING opportunity to lean into your health & wellness … and come out of this feeling better than ever!

That's why I developed my Lockdown 2020 Virtual Bootcamp, which is designed to get you off the couch, get moving, and start meeting your goals.

With My Lockdown 2020 Virtual Bootcamp,

You'll Get...

Daily, Live-Streamed Workouts.

No gym? No problem! I offer LIVE online workouts just like this one every day!

Sgt. Cyndi Will Inspire You Through Every Workout, LIVE!

I keep my classes small so everyone gets individual attention. I will help you with the movements while motivating you to work hard.

A Supportive Community Atmosphere.

The motivation and encouragement in my online group training settings create an inspiring, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded.

BONUS! I am offering all new sign ups access to my meal plan at a heavily discounted rate!



This is Not a "Cookie-Cutter" or "Pre-Recorded" Program

Sgt. Cyndi will be coaching you in our private community LIVE, everyday alongside your Body Physics community peers.

Here's What My Clients Are Saying:

I have always been an athlete and have worked out fairly hard on my own. I considered getting a trainer simply to increase the variety in my routine. When I met Cyndi, I realized how out of shape I truly was!! I developed instant respect for her knowledge and ability to offer the variety I was looking for. Cyndi’s motivation, enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge are second to none. I am 51, am stronger than ever, have lower body fat than ever and wear smaller size clothes than ever! Cyndi answers all of my nutrition questions with accuracy and never a judgment about when I cheat. Cyndi is the only trainer I have ever worked with (of many) that keeps me coming back (7 years so far)! Even during this time of social distancing, Cyndi and I meet four times a week online. She still never lets me get away with anything since she watches like a hawk!! Thank you my Sgt Cyndi!!

❤️Dr. Julie L.

I was afraid that virtual training wouldn’t be challenging enough since I do not have the heavy weights or equipment that Cyndi has in her gym. Boy was I wrong! From first workout I was challenged and felt the “burn” using equipment I had. Cyndi’s knowledge, experience, and expertise in fitness shines through. She is still able to correct my form and make up exercises using body weight and furniture that I never would have thought of- Jillann McGowen

~Virtual 1 on 1 online personal training~

Huge shout out to SgtCyndi Pfeifer for helping me accomplish my fitness goals so far!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of becoming a healthier and fitter individual. She has helped me build my endurance level and my strength level that I need to be a professional and competitive dressage rider. Sgt. Cyndi’s 1 on 1 virtual sessions are very demanding but yet achievable. add this in then. She values and expects proper form when completing every rep of every exercise. She creates a workout that challenges your body but leaves the client feeling confident and accomplished at the end. No weight or equipment is necessary because Cyndi can adapt your space and invent exercises using furniture you already have!!! In addition, Sgt. Cyndi holds clients accountable of their food and drink intake in order for them to achieve greater results and success. ~ Allie Tompson

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