A clear path for quick capacity-building

to thrive during times of disruption

The Practice of Remote Supervision

This 2-day online seminar outline practical ways to support managers in their day-to-day remote supervision challenges. It covers how experienced and new supervisors can deploy their own authority in new ways, though new channels.

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•Session Agenda and Session Description

•The 13 practices of remote Supervision

•The 8 software tools to use as an alternative to email

•The Performance Management Cycle

Leadership in Action in Times of Disruption

This 2-day online seminar focuses on the process of moving from shock and survival to adaptation and thriving. We draw from the wisdom present in our learning communities and draw from key ideas in state-of-the-art research on personal resilience, change management, and adaptive leadership.

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•Session Agenda and Session Description

•Adaptation, Change and Legacy practices

•The Four Works of leadership

•Personal and Organizational Change

The Art of Online Gatherings

This 2-day online seminar teaches simple practices to plan, design and deliver great virtual sessions for gathering with a purpose. We demystify how to run powerful and effective online sessions, that teach, build trust and make effective remote work possible.

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•Session Agenda and Session Description

•The 12 building blocks of great online sessions

•Six tools to use in your online meetings

•10 experiential learning activities that teach and transform

The Power-Lab

This 2-day online seminar is designed to facilitate your learning about power. Our aspiration is to make of the course a very personal experience for you, designed it with the intent to facilitate your own learning on power at a deeply personal level through an intensive experiential design.

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•Session Agenda and Session Description

• The 5 Forms of Authority

•Authority, Power, Leadership and Influence

• The 9 Influence Styles

• Power with, power to and power over


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