Turning dreams into achievable goals & learning to live your best life.

Dream Makers




In this unique group of motivated individuals, we set forth a framework and support system to achieve our goals and live our best life. We will support each other's unique goals while addressing the many blocks that we each have.


Every Friday

Beginning October 2nd – December 18th

6 - 7:15 AM

Virtual Classroom


What You Will Learn


Identify blocks that keep you from achieving your goals, & learn tools to clear them.

Create healthy habits and a strong framework for change

and growth.


A support system for identifying where you’d like to see improvement in your life.


Some of the more common blocks we will address will be money blocks, enjoyable career, fulfilling relationships and the ability to see yourself in a satisfying life. It can be overwhelming discovering the path to your ultimate goals or even knowing what those goals are. Through a series of techniques designed to help you discover your desires, your blocks and the path to get there, you will be on your way to making serious changes in your life. This group meets virtually once a week and includes a private forum to communicate throughout the week with the members of this group. As well as discounts on additional individual support.

What Comes With The Program

3 Months of Group Weekly Meetings

20 Minute One-On-One With Christa

Private Discussion Forum

Access To Videos In Support Of The Techniques Being Used

Miracle Morning Book

Gratitude Journal

Learning Life-changing Techniques That Can Be Used For Stress, Anxiety, Fear And More

Educational Resources

Discounted One-On-One Stress Management Sessions


About Your Program Instructor

Christa Dawson

Born and raised Chico mom of two amazing daughters. Her life has taken many turns, one of which was a diagnosis of Hashimoto's about 10 yrs ago. After years of struggle she discovered Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping. It changed her life. She has spent the last 4 years doing deep emotional healing making her way through an Energy Psychology Certification Program while working closely with a Dr. She's happy to say the Hashimotos is in remission. Her life has been forever changed by mindfulness practices and she's passionate about helping others and sharing these techniques!

How Much Does it Cost?

This is time to get down and dirty and dig into the reasons you’re stuck. Individual sessions really move blocks quickly and are targeted to your specific needs. This allows you to make progress quicker. The extra support is Ideal for those struggling with procrastination and self sabotage. If life keeps knocking you down sometimes you need a helping hand. These sessions provide an outside prospective with an individualized focus on personal goals and big blocks while learning where your mindset is holding you back, how to look for the light at the end of the tunnel and to customize techniques for your greatest benefit.


Pay In Full

Monthly Payments

One-Time Fee:


3 Payments Of:


Dream Makers

Turning dreams into achievable goals & living your best life.


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