Charge Up LA! Program
No-Cost Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

for qualifying LADWP multi-tenant & commercial property owners and operators

LADWP is committed to supporting the expansion of electric and hybrid vehicles in Los Angeles. Through the Charge Up LA! Program, eligible LADWP territory building owners and operators may receive up to 40 smart Level 2 EV charging stations per site or up to 3 DC fast chargers, one per each five parking spaces available. Funding for these upgrades are on a first come, first serve basis and will only be available for a limited time.

To see if your site is eligible, fill out the contact form or call RenewAge at 800-630-6851 or email and a representative will contact you shortly to discuss next steps for participation.

Charge Up LA! Program
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Only commercial or multi-dwelling residential LADWP buildings with dedicated on site parking qualify for no-cost Level 2 or DC fast charge electric vehicle charging station upgrades. Each property may receive up to 40 EV charging stations or 3 DC fast charge stations, 1 per every 5 dedicated parking spaces at the site.


Smart Level 2 & DC fast charge EV Charging stations allow for tenant access control and built-in cost-recovery mechanisms, allowing building owners and operators to responsibly charge their tenants for access to the chargers and in the process earn residual profits.


LADWP's Charge-Up LA! program for EV charging station upgrades upgrades will only be available for a limited time until the program funds are exhausted. Contact us today to reserve funds for your site: 800-630-6851 or

Active Participants

Wiseman Residential

Wiseman Residential has committed their entire portfolio of 50+ properties to participate in EV charger upgrades and in the process have added over $500,000 in asset value to their properties.

50+ properties

California Landmark Group

California Landmark Group has committed to EV charging station upgrades at their properties in order to accommodate EV & hybrid tenants.

5+ properties

Afton Properties

Afton Properties are looking to add value-add service of EV charging stations to their portfolio of properties in order to future-proof for the growth of tenant EVs.

20+ properties

property value

property value

property value

No-cost EV charging station upgrades, no catch

Entirely free? What's the catch?
No catch. LADWP is committed to supporting the growth of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Los Angeles county and to do so, making low to no-cost EV charging stations available to multi-tenant property owners and operators will help to facilitate that growth. This program is only available for a limited time, so we encourage you act fast to see if you qualify while funding is still available.



No-cost EV charging station upgrades

for qualifying LADWP commercial & multi-tenant customers

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RenewAge Energy Solutions Inc. is a licensed California contractor Lic # 995-853, authorized to help building owners and operators participate in LADWP rebate programs. RenewAge is not directly affiliated with LADWP or the Charge Up LA! pilot program, only as a 3rd party vendor and customer representative. For more information, visit or contact 1-800-630-6851