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Mirror, mirror on the wall. You want to know who has the greatest style? You want experts to check your style? You want to spread your style all over the world and compete with other fashionistas in style rankings?

Fashionguru is the answer to your needs. Feedback on your look is just one swipe away. Upload your style and let the Fashionguru community give confidence to your choice.

App available for apple and android soon. Stay tuned.

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A study shows that woman spend six months of their whole life in front of the wardrobe without knowing what to wear. Fashionguru helps you solve this problem!

Take a photo of your style, upload your look and get immediate feedback from the Fashionguru community.You need inspiration?

Search for hashtags like #weddingguest or #smartcasual and inspire yourself with a fun tinder swiping functionality.

You are an expert and want to compete with other fashionistas? Go head-to-head with other fahsionguru in our style rankings.

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App available soon. Stay tuned.

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